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Board Guidelines and Forum Conflict Resolution Procedure for Veg Friend

Veg Friend Board Guidelines: Main Chat: 1. All members have equal rights to enjoy chatting in the chat rooms! 2. You may express yourself f…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

How to Use This Site

How to edit My Profile? Go to Setting, choose Profile. There you can change your Profile Picture, Display Name, and any other data about yo…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

Community Values for Veg Friend

Dear Friends of Veg Friend,        Since this site has started, so many wonderful members have joined to discuss about veganism and vegetar…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

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Veganism all the way ..

Can we be sure that 100% veganism in a rampantly growing population will not cause a food problem? Is there enough land and other resources…

Started by Poonam DJ

8 on Monday
Reply by ram k

What is a true vegan?

There are so many things going around like don't ride horses or don't use plastic bags. I am getting very confused. I know you don't eat eg…

Started by April Marie Aldrich

1 Oct 19
Reply by ram k

Is Soy Feminizing? Gary Yourofsky Weighs In

is soy really bad for you? in this interview, vegan activist Gary Yourofsky addresses the “soy controversy” and debunks the myths surroun…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

2 Oct 16
Reply by Bite Size Vegan

Upgrade ideas for this site to ideally be voted on and implemented.

An Idea forum where members can discuss and ideally implement upgrades to this site.

Started by Journey Atlas P.

63 Oct 9
Reply by Journey Atlas P.

Raw vegan

Hey i am a vegetarian and i want to transition into becoming a raw food vegan does anyone have any advice that can help me to do this succe…

Started by Casidhe Callahan

5 Oct 4
Reply by Jasmine Kaur

Why am I a vegetarian?

Listed down truths in my website...

Started by Jai

0 Oct 2

What unhealthy things are you doing?

Hello vegetarian/vegan friends, nobody is perfect and I just would love to know what unhealthy things your do instead of eating huge amount…

Started by Paul Scheer

49 Sep 30
Reply by Noy

Osteoporosis and Veganism

My mother's a vegetarian from birth and suffering from Osteoporosis and she consumes many diary prouducts to alleviate her symptoms. All to…

Started by Poonam DJ

20 Sep 27
Reply by Poonam DJ

Vegetarianism and Islam

Let me begin this discussion by wishing all my Muslims comrades a very happy Eid today. Eid Mubarak .. Actually qurban, the animal slaughte…

Started by Poonam DJ

18 Sep 27
Reply by Poonam DJ

Workers at slaughter houses

While it is difficult for most people to watch a documentary like 'earthlings' without being moved deeply .. How do the workers at slaughte…

Started by Poonam DJ

13 Sep 26
Reply by Poonam DJ


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