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Board Guidelines and Forum Conflict Resolution Procedure for Veg Friend

Veg Friend Board Guidelines: Main Chat: 1. All members have equal rights to enjoy chatting in the chat rooms! 2. You may express yourself f…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

How to Use This Site

How to edit My Profile? Go to Setting, choose Profile. There you can change your Profile Picture, Display Name, and any other data about yo…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

Community Values for Veg Friend

Dear Friends of Veg Friend,        Since this site has started, so many wonderful members have joined to discuss about veganism and vegetar…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

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What about people who can't be vegan?

I would like to believe anybody. There is a lot of discussion about this topic, but I'd like to know your opinion or position on this matte…

Started by Wendy Rachko

11 12 hours ago
Reply by Alanna

Dry skin since I went vegan :(

I don't know if someone here has experienced this but I went vegan two months ago and since then I got extremely dry skin. I hope this is j…

Started by Sweet

7 yesterday
Reply by Anne

How/why did you guys become vegetarian/vegan?

Just wanted to know how you all became vegies. I grew up in a home where eating meat was the norm. Meat would go with every lunch and suppe…

Started by April Marie Aldrich

5 yesterday
Reply by Charlotte Sudlow

Can I eat my own hen's eggs?

Can I eat my own hen's eggs? I am vegan and  I consider having my own pet hen and I am not sure whether it is ok to eat her eggs. What are…

Started by Wendy Rachko

32 on Wednesday
Reply by Wendy Rachko

Vegetarianism and Islam

Let me begin this discussion by wishing all my Muslims comrades a very happy Eid today. Eid Mubarak .. Actually qurban, the animal slaughte…

Started by Poonam DJ

2 on Wednesday
Reply by Poonam DJ

Osteoporosis and Veganism

My mother's a vegetarian from birth and suffering from Osteoporosis and she consumes many diary prouducts to alleviate her symptoms. All to…

Started by Poonam DJ

18 on Monday
Reply by Poonam DJ

Neutering animals

Is it right to get your pet neutered...or is it cruel?

Started by Poonam DJ

18 Jul 26
Reply by Robert Dingus-DeVille

What are some spiritual benefits that we get from being vegetarians?

A vegetarian diet reduces needless suffering and killing in the world and increases compassion for all earthlings. It's said that when a pe…

Started by Poonam DJ

9 Jul 26
Reply by Poonam DJ

Am I still vegetarian if I did this?

So a few days ago my dad made me some microwave thing that had chicken in it. I ate the rice around it... then had a small piece of the chi…

Started by April Marie Aldrich

19 Jul 24
Reply by April Marie Aldrich

Party meals

I am having my sweet 16 birthday party in two weeks (WOOHOO) but is it wrong for me for me to only serve vegetarian food at my birthday I d…

Started by Nia Martin

4 Jul 22
Reply by WorldWideVegetarian


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