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Board Guidelines and Forum Conflict Resolution Procedure for Veg Friend

Veg Friend Board Guidelines: Main Chat: 1. All members have equal rights to enjoy chatting in the chat rooms! 2. You may express yourself f…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

How to Use This Site

How to edit My Profile? Go to Setting, choose Profile. There you can change your Profile Picture, Display Name, and any other data about yo…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

Community Values for Veg Friend

Dear Friends of Veg Friend,        Since this site has started, so many wonderful members have joined to discuss about veganism and vegetar…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

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GMO veggies - vegan or counted as fish?

Genetically modified food, including vegetables, may have fish genes in them. GMO's are not currently required to be identified as such. If…

Started by Carol

9 on Sunday
Reply by Uno

What is the best kind of fake meats?

Hi! I've tried morning farm but I don't really like it. I'm asking because I've been vegetarian for a year and having hard time with decidi…

Started by Nicki Brown

4 on Saturday
Reply by Stacy

Vegetarian Newbie

Hi everybody. I was wondering if anyone out there can provide a good website I could use to gather vegetarian/vegan recipes. I am trying to…

Started by Jason S

4 on Saturday
Reply by Jason S

Any British English teacher for conversation classes through Skype?

I'm just about to have an interview with Brits and would like to practice a little bit of conversation in English, since it's not my native…

Started by Eduardo Motta

3 Apr 10
Reply by Fruitfly

What do you think of pescetarians?

I've a been a vegetarian for a year but I've been thinking about becoming a pescetarian because I have been craving meat, I keep reminding…

Started by Nicki Brown

3 Apr 8
Reply by Stephan

Protein deficiency !!!

Hi Guys So as you know us veggiesauruses get asked were do you get your protein pretty much on a daily basis. Im a full on plant based nut…

Started by Lewis Edwards

0 Apr 7

Feeling like a pompous asshole?

So lately I've began feeling like a jerk. Not many of my friends or coworkers are veg or seem to care about animals other than their own pe…

Started by Alexis

5 Apr 4
Reply by Joanne Lim

Animal Rights Activism

source: "Moderation in temper is always a virtue, but moderati…

Started by Dreamless 无梦

3 Mar 31
Reply by Dreamless 无梦

Natural Remedies and Cures

I am searching for a remedy for acne. I am using some ayurvedic all around cream but I need something to dry up a re-ocurring pimple. Maybe…

Started by Fruitfly

6 Mar 31
Reply by mongi fantar

Is smoking Vegan?Veggie

Is smoking vegan or vegetarian although there are no direct animal ingredients, studies show for ever fag smoked an animal is forced to smo…

Started by Lewis Edwards

4 Mar 29
Reply by Lewis Edwards


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