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Are Women more compassionate than Men?

I'm not sexist or biases; I think both genders have great capabilities for being compassionate.Is it a stereotype that woman are more com…

Started by Jenii SaladtarianLatest Reply

Board Guidelines and Forum Conflict Resolution Procedure for Veg Friend

Veg Friend Board Guidelines: Main Chat: 1. All members have equal rights to enjoy chatting in the chat rooms! 2. You may express yourself f…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

How to Use This Site

How to edit My Profile? Go to Setting, choose Profile. There you can change your Profile Picture, Display Name, and any other data about yo…

Started by Xiao KangLatest Reply

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I have had relationships with omnivore guys before but have now been single for 3 years and have done a lot of soul searching and have deci…

Started by Ruth

9 on Monday
Reply by AJ!

being a vegetarian in a meat society

I joined this website because I needed to vent my anger. I just didn't have a place that could possibly understand so out of frustration he…

Started by Gale J Gault

2 on Saturday
Reply by Poonam DJ

Why Dairy Is Never Humane

Who was the mother of your milk? The source of milk is no big secret: it comes from cows. But most of us never think about the mothers of '…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Feb 12

Relationship with omnivore person - advice please!

Hello :) I've been with my partner for close to 10 years - more than 8 of those we lived together and during those 8 years I was basically…

Started by Topher

4 Jan 17
Reply by Natalie Butler

Neutering animals

Is it right to get your pet neutered...or is it cruel?

Started by Poonam DJ

22 Nov 29, 2016
Reply by Poonam DJ

Osteoporosis and Veganism

My mother's a vegetarian from birth and suffering from Osteoporosis and she consumes many diary prouducts to alleviate her symptoms. All to…

Started by Poonam DJ

23 Oct 16, 2016
Reply by Mirnang

Upgrade ideas for this site to ideally be voted on and implemented.

An Idea forum where members can discuss and ideally implement upgrades to this site.

Started by Good bye

65 Oct 1, 2016
Reply by Poonam DJ

How do you stop judging meat eaters?

I became a vegetarian about 6 weeks ago and have recently decided to become vegan after educating myself on the horrors that happen to all…

Started by Jess

28 Oct 1, 2016
Reply by Journ

Vegan kids

"What do you think about parents forcing veganism on their children? It is no different than parents forcing anti-racist or anti-sexist bel…

Started by Poonam DJ

3 Sep 18, 2016
Reply by vp sasidharan

Vegetarianism/Veganism in Buddhism

The Buddha lists several reasons for not eating meat: Present-day animals may have been one's kin in the past. One's own parents and relat…

Started by Poonam DJ

2 Sep 17, 2016
Reply by Poonam DJ


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