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Eat Like an Egyptian

According to a recent article on, ancient Egyptians followed a primarily vegetarian diet. "In fact, eating lots of meat…

Started by Xiao Kang

2 11 hours ago
Reply by Roy Hendriks

Vegetarianism Causes Animal Suffering?

On my website I just received the following comment: To sugest that a vegetarian lifestyle doesn’t cause unnecessary animal suffering is na…

Started by fizzyegg

10 11 hours ago
Reply by Jennifer Rita

Vegan and Vegetarian "Superiority Complex"

Hi, all. I was vegetarian for about eight years, closer to vegan for the last year, and I recently made the transition to complete veganism…

Started by Ruby Sayani

13 11 hours ago
Reply by Sophia Kelly

Vegan Sex Appeal

Ok, we all know the archetypal image of a vegan held by most omnivores...... skinny, drawn, looking in need of a good 'feed'. I don't know…

Started by Sherylle

13 yesterday
Reply by Miren Vadera

Will you raise your children on a vegan/vegetarian diet??

I most definitely will if I ever have kids I will explain to them why and about the animals and everything and I'm sure they will agree. Wh…

Started by Nia Martin

10 on Saturday
Reply by Nina

Vegans/vegetarians have chronic illnesses and poorer quality of life?!?

I have this one friend and an ex boy friend that are both very pro meat eaters. They always try to find ways to tell me that I should stop…

Started by Stacy

8 on Saturday
Reply by Ginariffic

One Stop Tutorial and my experiences

Hello all lovely vegetarians, I come from India which had been vegetarian mostly until British and the Mughals attacked. A lot of things ch…

Started by Prashant Saxena

0 on Friday

Respect is Lost

I have been a vegetarian for a year now,and I am realizing how difficult it is to go out to dinner with family or friends. There are very f…

Started by Hayley

20 on Friday
Reply by Michelle Crowe

How do you feel about people hunting for food?

I keep going back and forth on this one, and I'm curious to hear your views. In my opinion, it's undeniably more humane than eating store b…

Started by Anon

29 on Friday
Reply by Nakul Tiruviluamala

Is this vegan?? Or is it wrong??

I am currently interning at an animal rehab and sanctuary. There are some owls there and they are almost ready to be released into a save e…

Started by Annelise Simone

7 on Thursday
Reply by Joshua


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