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Vegan Festival Tour: Food, Fun, Outreach | VegFest Orlando

for people who want to know what vegans eat and how to adopt a vegan lifestyle, attending a vegan festival is a fantastic (and fun) way t…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 yesterday

Dealing With Non-Vegan Family and Friends | Gary Yourofsky

if you’re newly vegan or considering going vegan, one of the biggest challenges can be the reactions of your friends and family. in this…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

2 on Tuesday
Reply by Bite Size Vegan

Vegan vs. Vegetarian: More Differences Than Similarities? ft Gary Yourofsky

quick note: this video is meant to be informative and educational, not critical. what is the difference between veganism and vegetarianis…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

4 on Sunday
Reply by Wim

Since becoming Vegetarian/Vegan and so forth, how do you view meat eaters?

I assume that most people reading this discussion would be committed vegatarians/vegans etc, I was curious, do you see meat eaters differen…

Started by Alisa

11 on Sunday
Reply by Poonam DJ

The Question of Vegans and Killing Bugs | Gary Yourosfky Interview

what is the vegan stance on insects? do they have rights? how “far” do you take veganism? in this interview vegan activist Gary Yourosfky…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Oct 24

Positive Effects of being vegetarian/vegan?

Hey guys! I just wish to know what are the effects experienced since becoming vegetarian/vegan? Personally, I had quite some positive chang…

Started by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek

4 Oct 21
Reply by Sharon Ng Huey Yuek

what should i do ? (parents and animal products)

So my parents understand I'm a vegetarian as in I don't eat meat. But regularly they cook or buy me something that contains either gelatine…

Started by Alexandra lawrence

5 Oct 20
Reply by Poonam DJ

FREE eBook: Vegan Answers to Common Questions and Objections

are you a non-vegan with questions about veganism? are you a vegan and unsure of how to answer the things people ask you? do you want veg…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

2 Oct 19
Reply by Bite Size Vegan

9 Everyday Products You Didn't Know Had Animal Ingredients

Image: Composite of pictures by Velkr0, Meneer Zjeroen, Marcy Reiford and Our update, all via Creative Commons.If you thought that by quitt…

Started by Xiao Kang

1 Oct 16
Reply by microwavedtofu

Plants Can Hear Themselves Being Eaten, & Can Communicate The Threat To Their Neighbors

The interconnectedness between soil, microbes, plants, pests, and ultimately human health, is a fascinating area of study.With the rapid e…

Started by Xiao Kang

1 Oct 14
Reply by Tobias Lienhard


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