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how do you feel about chicken and all the baconizing?

I for one don't really like that there's chicken and bacon in everything. It ruins a lot of great vegetarian dishes. Like patato soup, vegg…

Started by Jamie K.

2 21 hours ago
Reply by Jamie K.

Not real food?

Why do people say that vegetarian and vegan food is "fake" or not real? I mean, I don't get why that its fake if its not meat (or as they l…

Started by Jamie K.

0 21 hours ago

where is the best place to live for vegans and vegtarians

where u can find all the ingredients u need and community is mostly vegetarians and vegans 

Started by cez

21 21 hours ago
Reply by Anurupa Ghosh

Update to Vegans Against All Forms of Oppression (VAAFO) Facebook Group

Hello, everyone. The Vegans Against All Forms of Oppression (VAAFO) Facebook group has become a thriving community thanks to your support.…

Started by Ruby Sayani

0 on Saturday

Why did you eat animal products? :)

I will not get mad at your answers :) i just woul like ot know why you guys ate meat/dairy and/or wore animal skin :) thank you

Started by Denver Jack Mckenzie Hogdan

29 Nov 21
Reply by Ann Van den Broeck

Do Vegans Kill More Animals Than Meat-Eaters?

does a vegan diet lead to more animal deaths than an omnivorous one? is it true that harvesting crops for vegans kills more animals than…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

3 Nov 20
Reply by Bite Size Vegan

Is It Possible to Be 100% Vegan?

can anyone be “fully” vegan? what about driving cars or accidentally stepping on insects? does the harm vegans unintentionally cause anim…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

2 Nov 18
Reply by Bite Size Vegan

eggs and milk chain production

Male chicks are killed for two reasons: they cannot lay eggs and they are not suitable for chicken-meat production. This is because layer…

Started by Livio Sim

2 Nov 17
Reply by VB

Are you vegan? How can you get vegan food?

I'm vegetarian who trying to become a vegan. My country(Malaysia) is vegetarian-friendly but not the vegan-friendly place. Normally, the Ch…

Started by Wong Wan Ying

4 Nov 16
Reply by Wong Wan Ying

what do you think about the new motto I came up for the veg community?

Everyone always says that we care about animals. Everyone says we don't care about pollution, or people that are less fortunate then us. We…

Started by Jamie K.

1 Nov 15
Reply by Noy


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