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How can fish & sea-food eaters claim to be Vegetarians? Pescatarians are NOT vegetarian on ANY level !

Started by Sudeep J Nair

92 24 minutes ago
Reply by Sudeep J Nair

Meat at your wedding?

Would you allow meat to be served at your wedding? My family believes meat should be served, saying I should think of my guests and not to…

Started by Amber Rose

67 on Wednesday
Reply by Joanne Lim

Opinion on "Fake" Meats

I'm from India where fake meats virtually don't exist (may be they do in some new restaurants). Usually, there's only vegetarian and non-v…

Started by lakshman

112 on Monday
Reply by Sarah W

Veg Week 2014

Hi guys, I'm proud to be an endorser of this year's Veg Week effort where folks are encouraged to take a pledge to go veg for the week of A…

Started by Richie Kul

0 on Monday

Nobel Prize Winner Predicts Rise Of Veganism In 2014

We predicted the rise of health-motivated veganism and vegan haute cuisine in 2014, but Nobel Prize winning economist (and a professor at S…

Started by Xiao Kang

6 Apr 14
Reply by Spartan Animal Lover

Products that contain animals?

There were a post earlier about this area, but no reasonable list about products or incredients that are from animals. I am lacto-ovo-veget…

Started by Piritta Taivassalo

3 Apr 14
Reply by Alice B

Handle criticism

Hello everyone! I've been vegetarian for 17 years and vegan for 7 months. I know the topic of vegetarian/vegan criticism is often debated h…

Started by elma

18 Apr 14
Reply by Leisa Ann

Why people eat meat- religious beliefs??

So I have a friend who is a very strict Mormon. She will do anything and everything for her religion. Sometimes when I talk to her about be…

Started by Mahboob

130 Apr 13
Reply by Alice B

Are there more female vegetarians or male vegetarians?

This is actually hard to answer unless we get statistics on the whole world, but I suddenly thought about this yesterday. This could be jus…

Started by Naomi Weddle

30 Apr 12
Reply by Stacy

Are you vegetarian? What do you eat?

“So, you are a vegetarian/vegan? What do you eat?” People often thought Veg* Diet is boring. But reality is: Vegetarian/Vegan diet is Healt…

Started by Xiao Kang

60 Apr 12
Reply by Jodie Cheung


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