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Pork Industry On Trial - Water For Pigs Charge Backfires

When a pig farmer brought charges against animal activist Anita Krajnc for giving water to thirsty pigs, he had no idea that it would be…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Nov 4, 2016

I've Lost All Hope For Humanity...

Published on Oct 7, 2016 There is no excuse for this. They were all babies—less than 6 months old. It doesn’t have to be this way. This i…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Oct 8, 2016

The Best We Have To Offer? | Inside Ireland’s “Humane” Farming

Most people are against factory farming—but what about grass-fed, free-range, humane agriculture? Nowhere is animal agriculture more ide…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Sep 30, 2016

Celebrate Freedom Like A Real American Hypocrite!

Strap on your expandable sweatpants and get ready to grow the glory of your Freedom Gut like a REAL American! Find out how to flaunt you…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Jul 4, 2016

The Last Day Of Your Life [Not Graphic]

Today is the day you die. You have right now. This very moment. And nothing more. I’d like to tell you it will be peaceful. I’d like to…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Jun 22, 2016

Filming Murder, Finding Hope | Earthlings Creator Interview

When writer Shaun Monson enlisted vegan celebrities Joaquin Phoenix and Moby to work on a documentary about humanity’s treatment of anim…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Jun 21, 2016

The Speech YouTube Doesn't Want You To See - The Extremism Of Veganism

This is the speech YouTube doesn’t want you to see. But the truth cannot be silenced. When does lifestyle become fanaticism? When does di…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 Jun 15, 2016

$30K Poop Nutrition Challenge! | Sponsored By Ben & Jerry's

Take the POOP Nutrient Challenge and get paid $30K for your crappy ideas! The EPA, along with Ben & Jerry’s, the USDA, and a host of…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 May 30, 2016

The Cow Who Changed Texas Forever | Rowdy Girl

In Texas, where steak is its own food group and cattle ranching is a way of life, one cow—aptly named “Rowdy Girl”—has spurred an astoun…

Started by Bite Size Vegan

0 May 23, 2016

Great reasons to be a vegan even in times we feel alone!

Hi, I have been feeling a bit alone after I became a vegan. Even, the Hubby does not understand and he should, since you would think he is…

Started by Bully Love & Devotion

0 May 17, 2016


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