A change of lifestyle and disciple are always the best ways to cut those belly fats down.

Here are the 10 ways to reduce belly fat:

1. Reduce sugar.

2. Consume healthy fats.

3. No white carbs.

4. Two-three litres H2O daily.

5. Manage stress (reduce cortisol)

6.Increase green leafy veggies.

7. Eat lean protein.

8. Move your body.

9. Fresh lemon in warm water.

10. Love the body you have whilst you work towards the body you want.

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I've lost 15lbs since I switched to vegetarian. 

I've gone the other way lol - but I put that down to having a child! :)

I didn't lose any weight becoming vegetarian ( it wasn't the goal), but I'm really in peace with my self :)

Fresh lemon in warm water.Didn't know that one!! I'll try it :))

I wonder if lime in warm water would work? I am not a big fan of lemons.

If u drink a glass of warm water every morning itt will help you metabolism to work faster. :)


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