The ridiculous old wives tales/clever marketing which has convinced people of the medicinal qualities of the meat has no scientific evidence behind it.

Cat juice better referred to as goyangi is also another hideous and appalling method of slaughtering felines. Goyangi - Cat; is mashed into a liquid. Then drunk as a tonic in the hope it will cure some human ailment or make one much stronger. 

Other dishes that are consumed in the market and outside are Bosintang; Gaejangguk - Stew containing boiled dog meat and vegetables, Gaegogi Jeongol, - An elaborate dog stew made in a large Jeongol pan. Gae Suyuk,- Boiled dog meat, Gaegogi Muchim, - Steamed dog meat, Korean leeks and vegetables mixed with spices, Gaesoju- Mixed drink containing dog meat and other Chinese medicine ingredients such as ginger, chestnut, and jujube to invigorate one's health.



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I hope people aren't upset over this as its our furry and cute lil friends. There's no difference here from other meats. The whole thing sucks. I hate it when cats and dogs are shown favoritism over others.

I always feel the same way about this issue. I really do not understand why people get angry when dogs get slaughtered but turn a blind eye when a cow or a pig does. It's such a big mystery to me. I've read books about these things, but really, whenever I talk to people, there's really no logic in this whole debate. 

But in all cases, it's just really better to help in whatever way I can, rather than bitch about it to people. They just turn away from me and think I'm some vegan lunatic trying to convince them to live a vegan lifestyle. 


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