Hello everybody; my name is Justin. I live in middle Georgia and I am a 20 year old Junior in undergrad currently studying exercise science in order to become an occupational therapist. I have been a strict vegetarian for five months now with no intentions of ever reverting back. I became a vegetarian for several reasons. The biggest reason likely being because of all of the health risks associated with meat eating in the western, industrialized culture that we live in. I could no longer live in denial about these diseases since they are the same diseases that claimed the lives of many of my family members.

The second prominent factor leading to my vegetarianism is that I am an avid runner. I constantly found myself feeling incredibly fatigued during peak training times when I would be logging 40+ miles per week training for marathons and just assumed that it came with the sport. However, I began reading into ultramarathoners like Scott Jurek that run in excess of 100+ miles at a time on a strictly plant based vegan diet, at which point I started experimenting with running on a vegetarian diet. It is safe to say that my running, and my physical well being in general has improved exponentially. 

So this is sort of a little background on my life and some of my interests and why I became a vegetarian! I look forward to meeting others and sharing all of the joy that the vege/vegan lifestyle has to offer!

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Awesome to hear and congratulations on the half marathon! And I'm right there with you; I am sort of a vegetarian transitioning to vegan. I went vegetarian basically overnight, and I have been constantly cutting out foods that contain animal products since then, but it is difficult when you live with somebody that isn't veg*n, so I'm cutting out as much as possible now, but when I sort of get out on my own I intend on becoming a complete vegan.

It is awesome to hear from a fellow vegetarian athlete, and good luck on your future running and karate endeavors!

It's great meeting a runner here! =) Scott Jurek is really an inspiration and he really shows that vegan diet is sustainable.

Right now I am doing more indoor training and wanting to build up my pace, since I promised my brother that my next race, I'll run with him. Being barely to his shoulder in height means that I will really need to train harder: one of the problems of being petite. LOL

I think the biggest difference is between training when eating meat and when being vegetarian (especially vegan) is that the body react differently. At the beginning of training season I used to have swollen fingers, as the body goes through the whole system clean up of all the gunk build-ups from meat eating. I find it that the fingers didn't swell up as much when I turn vegetarian, but especially vegan. My blood-sugar level now is far more stable as well, so for one of my half marathon, I had only a handful of dates for breakfast and was able to make good pace in the race on pure water.

Yes it really is incredible to see how the body responds to a veg*n diet, especially being an athlete. I have specifically noticed my average pace improving, being able to run further and faster with less fatigue, and my recovery rate after a run has been phenomenal. 

It was great hearing from you and I wish you the best as you train to run with your brother! 


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