Do you have a reason or justification for eating meat? Love bacon too much to give it up? Feel that eating animals is the circle of life? Take the challenge proposed in this video and then see if your justifications hold up. ★SHARE★ this video far and wide to make a difference in 60 seconds. ★For more information on how to take the challenge, see the information & videos linked below.★

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This video is a Short Shareable pulled from a longer video. For more information on why veganism is the compassionate, rational choice for your health, animals and the environment, see the videos linked below.

★NOTE: To take the challenge and see firsthand what animals go through, you can also attend a slaughterhouse vigil like those put on by Toronto Pig Save ( or simply go to a slaughterhouse yourself and watch the animals come and the empty trucks leave. Many times, especially at pig slaughterhouses, you can hear them screaming from outside.

As actual entry into slaughterhouses isn't always possible these days with Ag-Gag laws, I encourage you to watch the videos below in the ethics section. "The Nicest Way To Die" video has footage from this year. Or, you can easily find slaughterhouse footage online simply by searching.

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The Video This Short Was Pulled From:
OR for a gentler version of that same concept:

➤The Nicest Way to Die (on humane slaughter):
▻Open Your Eyes (on connecting):
▻Is Eating Animals A Personal Choice?:
▻How Many Animals Do We Kill?:
▻Through Their Eyes (Draw My Life):
▻What Vegans See (understanding why we react the way we do):
▻The Documentary Earthlings: OR for higher quality, here:

▻Everything Wrong With Environmentalism:
▻The Documentary "Cowspiracy":

▻Nutrition Concerns Series:
▻How Not To Die:
▻The Real Dietary Killers:

★★Comprehensive Introduction To Veganism:

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