Dear all members,

Hello, I am Xiao Kang, the founder of this simple Vegetarian Friend site.

Thank you all to be here with us on this site.

I created this site on December 2011 and launched it on January 2012. When I first created this site I just hoped to make a platform for vegetarians/vegans to find friends, share and talk.

I am more than happy that our site has been growing from time to time, and now we have 4,800 members on this site. It has been a great achievement for this simple site since we never promote this site through any advertisement.

I created this site using platform, and it costs me $59.95/month. To keep our site free I had put some Google Ads on this site, and it did help me to pay for this site. But the revenue from the Google ads is only around $30.00/month from this site. Well I know that $ 59.95 is not very much in some country like USA, or some other countries, but I am from Indonesia where the average of income in Indonesia is only around $ 3,000 - $ 3,500 / year. And $ 59.95/month is quite expensive for me in Indonesia.

I got some letters from some of our members saying that the Google Ads on the site is very disturbing and asking me to delete the Google Ads from this site.

I am going to delete all the ads from this site, but I do hope that our members would help us to donate to our site to keep our site free.

If you have any idea, please comment here to help me make a decision!

Please donate to keep us exist and free for everyone! Every cent of your donation will means a lot to  this site.

If you want to donate, please click on the donation button or you may send it directly to my paypal account :


Xiao Kang

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You should keep the ads up if they help! I haven't been bothered at all by them. Ads are all over the internet, compared to the ads running on Facebook and stuff now it's nothing lol.

what she said ^^

Thank you very much Lauren. I think I must consider to put the google ads back if most of our members don't feel it's bothering. 

I haven't found the ads distracting, personally. If they help the site, why not keep them?

Thank you very much Sky Krause. I think I must consider to put the google ads back if most of our members don't feel it's bothering. 

boleh juga tuh

letak widget donation aja di salah satu sudut forum

pake paypal maupun bank lokal

ada rekening BCA?

Yach... itu ada tombol donasi nya juga di sana. Ga mungkin pake rekening BCA kan, soalnya 90% pengunjung website ini berasal dari luar negeri.

Ga disangka aja ada juga orang Indonesia yang memperhatikan ini. Emang serba susah kalau kita kerja bakti seperti ini yach. Pernah terpikir untuk menutup situs ini saja, tapi kalau ditutup kan juga sayang, anggotanya sudah terlanjur banyak, dan situs ini juga telah membantu banyak teman2 vegetarian di dunia utk mendapatkan informasi, support, dll.

Thank you atas support nya yach.


rekening bank lokal kan emang buat para pengunjung atau member dari Indonesia aja,jadi lebih memudahkan meraka untuk melakukan donasi

masalah pasti bisa teratasi dengan cara dan jalan yang berbeda,sayang banget kalau situs ini sampe ga jalan,banyak orang terbantu dengan ada nya situs ini

You should keep the ads.  They aren't a distraction and they're not atypical either.  Perhaps you could provide an 'opt-in' subscription based model for those that don't want the ads?  I suspect nobody would 'opt-in' and they'd continue to use the website supported by ads however!  By the sounds of it, based on the economics you have reported, you need more ads, not fewer anyway!

And well done on a great website!  I think it's ridiculous that anyone should ask you to remove the ads.  Having a business model in place to sustain the high costs is common sense.

Thank you very much Chris Vaughan. I think I must consider to put the google ads back if most of our members don't feel it's bothering. 

Thanks for your idea too. I am considering it.

The ads don't bother me one bit. Tbh I havn't noticed them lol besides if it is saving you money well these people who use your site and for free I think they can deal with the ads

Thank you very much Amber Bradley. I think I must consider to put the google ads back if most of our members don't feel it's bothering. 

Yes, I would prefer everyone using this site for free.


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