A VERY Important petition. PLEASE READ (I know everyone says that but please)

I share a lot of petitions and I sign a lot of petitions, but this one, created by my good friend Titch, is an all-round sensible petition. 

There are many petitions we'd all love to sign but can't because of where we are in the world. I'm sick of not being able to petition against bear baiting in Russia. I'm sick of not being able to petition against Sarah Palins disgusting bounties on wolves in America. And Americans are sick of not being able to support our campaigns against the badger cull. 
Make petitions worldwide!!! 
The view of the people should not be restricted because of where they live! We are all human, we all have different opinions. There's no difference between a Ukranian being against something happening in say Australia but can't petiton because they're not IN Australia. It's not fair, and I think it is borderline racist/xenophobic. 

This benefits ALL areas that need attention. 

Please; I beg of you: sign and share if you can. 


Thank you VERY much for your time xx

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I signed it! More petitions please!

Thank you!!!! <3

Thanks for sharing and signed :)

Thank you very much Jenii <3 

Signed. Thank you, Gypsy Carty!

Thank you Tom!!!! 

Thank you very much for your support Raymond, I really appreciate your understanding ^.^ xx

Need more signatures people! Please help us! 


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