I'm new here and beginning to transitioning to a vegetarian diet. I had a question for everyone since this is one of the things that lead me to wanting to become a vegetarian. I have always been pro-life, and then realized it seemed rather hypocritical of me to still eat meat. It weighed heavy on me for awhile until I finally decided I would make the change and since then, have been weaning myself off meat.

My question for everyone is who here is pro-life on abortion? Why or why not? It seems like many of the augments made for animals could easily be made for a human embryo and or fetus as well. What are your thoughts on animal abortion? Is that more wrong? The same? I don't want to start a huge debate, just hear your thoughts and opinions. 

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well...if you didn't want a huge debate...you probably posted in the wrong place. there are at least two huge pro-life vs. pro-choice debates on VF if you check the archives of forum topics.

but my simple answer is that abortion is killing no matter how many justifications one may make. just like murdering an animal is also killing. my own view on all this is that abortion is even worse than eating meat since the person aborting is killing directly whereas meat eaters do not generally kill the animal since there is an industry who does that without anyone having to tell them to do it.

the argument gets confused in the minds of many. while that eating meat does cause indirectly the lives of many animals, and so if we want to help save the lives of animals, then we should abstain from eating meat...however, the sin of having killed an animal is not there when someone just eats it. it is an important point because evil is caused in the world by performing evil directly. so that point of responsibility is what makes our character.

abortion on the other hand is killing directly. case closed.


What an interesting thought though! I have always been pro-life and haven't thought of this since turning vegetarian but you make a good point.


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