after 4 months of being vegan, i started to hating people...

I don't know what to do i kinda don't like to see my friends anymore they talk about having Wings for lunch like theyre talking about weather...

i can't talk to anyone i feel disgusted when i see stuffs like that...

how is it to you? what should i do...

i think i have to go somewhere and don't see any people until my life ends...

or make a city and bring all Vegan people with me in it ! (which is not possible)

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So glad we can claim Einstein haha

Einstein was a smart guy but I am not sure of what great thing he did.  Didn't he create the formula for the atom bomb?  I mean I know it was just mathematics but I wonder sometimes what was on his mind and who he really worked for the betterment of.  Its been a while since I thought about Einstein so I am just putting it out there not as attack but more like a question mark...????

I completely understand you. I am not the same since I went vegetarian when I was 16 and the change went deeper when switching to vegan lifestyle at 21 (over 1 year ago). I dont understand most of my past friends, I feel like I am totally above them (and I feel bad for this feeling because I was always very friendly). I have no idea what should I do about it so I just make new friends who are different, too (not only vegans). It is important to be able to let the past go (including friends that were actually friends of a different you - you are not the same person if you managed to do the shift for ethical reasons).

I feel just like you, too. I always hear from vegan blogs how happy every vegan/vegetarian is with his (new) lifestyle. Health is getting better, they feel like new born, feel proud of doing something good for the animals and for the environment. But I have never heard something like your feeling before. I thought I am the only one who cannot cope that easily with this new situation and I am sorry to say I found someone with this feeling (because actually this feeling is not really nice...). Being vegan became very important to me and I would never never give it up again but at the beginning I would not have thought that these feelings of anger, disgust and even sadness would reach me. It´s sometimes kind of hard because you feel your friends slipping away, they can´t understand you anymore und you can´t understand them anymore. I still live with my family (just finished school) and I try to introduce eating less meat and I think they have already done so a bit but nevertheless you often feel isolated, as if you were the bad and they are the good (but in deed it´s just the other way round^^).
Well, I think we just have to try to cope with our lifestyle as well as with peoples reaction. We can´t change the world from one minute to the next and we can´t expect from other people that they just feel the same compassion towards other living beings like we do. I guess it´s a long process to find your inner peace again but being open-minded, avoiding to achieve someting with to much pressure and always trying to keep a positive charism will surely help on that way. I wish you and all the others all the best on that way! :)
(please forgive me for my mistakes, english is not my first language and I have not had so much time ;))

So true Luisa :) 

I agree with dreamlink. I mean, its totally natural that you might feel very passionately against non vegans.  I have seen it lots on this site also. Someone turns vegan and for less than a year and counting and then they go off on everyone around them for being veggie and not vegan. I think a good reality check is to consider what you or other vegans did to animals before you were vegan. I mean if we are talking about stopping animal harm at all in veganism, then how sure is every vegan that they have been less harmful to animals than other non-vegans in this lifetime?  Vegans also have to participate in an industrial system of exploitation of not only animals but human beings so I don't think one has become "saved" so to speak after becoming vegan.

I think its nice that you question yourself so please don't take offense at what I say. I mean it in the best possible way for the interest of humanity at large because I think we should all be a bit more critical of the impact we make on this planet other than the avoidance of milk products. There are many upon many things we do to harm others and animals in this life so if there was a vegan God up there, I don't think he or she would be sending every vegan to heaven...I mean unless they are protestant vegans where faith counts above works.  Not surprisingly,  I notice the most fanatical vegans do come from evangelical Christian backgrounds. Go figure.

what pisses me off even more is religion, pays no taxes can benefiet form the financial system supported by the working class, doesnt obey any of the bibles scripture and molest children and has a communist war on drugs thats criminalized more than child molestation, what a wonderful pathetic weak predatory society religion has created


I agree...its much better to be friendly with everyone.

I noticed something really nice about this site lately. A lot of the usual members that spew a lot of hatred for people who don't accord with their own diet and views haven't been posting much lately. I hope it stays that way :)

and you haters know who you are...yes  you do :) ;) !!!

I am concerned by your comments. I have been vegetarian for over 40 yrs and at first I was maybe opinionated and unrealistic. I think it is best to show and educate people in a positive way how amazing and beneficial it is to be vegetarian. No, I am not vegan but not far from. I know that is not quite right to some, like so called vegetarians who at fish????

You have to do what is right for you and what is sustainable and rewarding.

Good luck but do not be angry nor isolate yourself as that is not healthy. Lead by example.

I understand what youre well. When people start talking.about how they're making a nice big roast it kind of makes me angry because all I think about is the animal that roast used to be but then I have to remind myself that I was once where they are now talking about my own nice big roast so I cant be angry because someone else is in a. place that I used to be in myself.

Thats weird, is normal to feel bad cz animals suffer and dont like the idea ur friends smell like killers, but u have to accept the diffrent and try make them like u also u can help them avoid to eat meat, as I do with my friends, U are waiting from them to accept ur decision be vegetarian or vegan, u have to accept them, remember that "THE DIFFRENT IS UNIQUE AND WE HAVE TO RESPECT AND ACCEPT IT". As they accept u, u must accept them! :D

It's so funny, someone said this on a like page through FB, and someone commented back, "Well, i'm going to stay in the meat eating world to keep speaking up instead of hiding and letting it happen." I thought that was interesting! 


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