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This terrified young bull was dragged into a ring in front of a jeering crowd of 1500. He was then violently pinned to the ground, while men strap wooden stakes doused in flammable chemicals to his horns, and set him on fire. Then local men show their 'bravery' by tormenting the terrified animal. Fiercely hot sparks and embers drip from the burning torches onto the bewildered animal. The distressed bull is then released, thrashing around the ring in agony to the cheers of the crowds. Members of the public are seen jumping into the ring and taunting the bull adding to his terror and confusion. Gasping for air, the bull finally reaches a state of exhaustion after nearly 45 minutes of torment and is soon dragged out the ring by villagers to be butchered. The men are awarded pieces of meat from the animal for their 'bravery'.

This is the 'joy of the Bull' - or Toro Jubilo festival - is one of the 'cultural' highlights of the entertainment calendar for residents in the Medieval village of Medinaceli, in the province of Soria, north east of Madrid.

See the horror for yourself: http://youtu.be/E2E-eo08NT4

This event is due to take place again on the second weekend in November. We must do all we can to ensure this torture masquerading as 'tradition' ends. If you are unable to be in Medinaceli (Madrid) to protest there are some online actions you can take:

1) Sign these petitions:




2) Contact the Spanish officials directly to urge that they enforce stronger animal cruelty laws that shield animals from all forms of abuse, including vulgar rituals and blood fiestas such as the Toro Jubilo. Contact details can be found in the information of the change.org petition here: http://www.change.org/petitions/live-bull-to-be-set-on-fire-spain-a...

3) Please SHARE this post and the petitions. Share on here Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr EVERYWHERE The world needs to see this. We need as many people as possible to put pressure on Spain to end this.

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There's are also cruel people of every race, there are traditions that involve cruelty to animals in every culture.
We are veg*ns because we love and respect ALL life, that should include each other.

Fucking Bastards!!!

I´m so ashamed this happens in my country, its very upsetting

Please sign the petition and share it! I'm spanish and I can tell you that in a lot of towns they do this once or twice a year (but they don't use fire in the most of them). They play with the bulls and scare them, and when they finish, they kill them. We need help from everywhere to stop this, because a lot of people in Spain don't want it to stop because it's a traditional practise (including part of our Goverment). PLEASE SIGN SO THAT THE GOVERMENT CAN UNDERSTAND THAT MOST PEOPLE DON'T WANT THIS. THANK YOU :)

How Brutal and Ruthless these People are? Their Conduct towards the animals is Outrageous.. that's why they are Monsters..!!!

The most stupidest act i have ever seen.We find unimaginable silly ways to amuse ourselves because we have nothing to do.Why give publicity to such acts because they will tend to do it more aggressively.Stop this nonsense and find more productive ways to spend your time....

Signed and Shared!!....Humans are this planets cancer!!

These humans are the monsters


THIS IS CRAZY!! Went to see a bullfight some 10 years ago, before I even knew the concept of animal rights. Looking back, I feel very ashamed of myself now. This is just worse! I don't know how people can enjoy this and go home at night feeling happy about this. JUST CRAZY.


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