So a few days ago my dad made me some microwave thing that had chicken in it. I ate the rice around it... then had a small piece of the chicken... like fingernail size... and as soon as I did it I regretted it. Does that still count for being vegetarian or did I fuck up? Please be nice, I have anxiety about eating. I'm not perfect but I'm trying.

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If you eat unintentionally, it is okay. Otherwise, maybe you are still new and trying to eliminate meat. Put a stop to it. Right. Now. I advise you to tell your dad to honour and respect your dietary choice too, or, if possible, DIY your food so that youknow EXACTLY what's in it.

Don't be too reproachful toward yourself about it. :)

awww thanks you guys :) I'll try to be better to myself. :D

True that. The other day my mom added a couple of slices of brinjals to my bowl, knowing that I love that vegetable. They happened to have been fried with mince pork. I got rid of the meat that stuck to them, and ate the brinjals because I didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings. But ugh, the stench of meat on them. 

It doesn't count as being Vegetarian but it also doesn't mean you can't decide to never do it again.

If you still really want to be a Vegetarian, no amount of meat is okay. It's not as if the chicken can give "a little piece of meat" and go on to live a happy life. The chicken gave it's life whether or not one bite was eaten or the entire chicken.  

I would also get away from eating food that shares a plate with food that isn't vegetarian. The same goes for eating food that is fried in oil used to fry meat, or food that is grilled on grills used to grill meat etc...  Anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Unfortunately if you don't eat the ingredients, most or some all animal-based additives. You're doing your best and that's all that matters.

ok, I had to create a profile on this,

not eating meat is not a game, there is no count, no points, just being right with yourself and with your intentions...

speaking like this make me think about some kind of "license to be vege" like in Scott Pilgrim...

I think you should review wwhy you are vegetarian before thinking about the fact that you might loose that "privilege"

that'll give you an answer ;)

Please let go of the anxiety. Being a vegan/ vegetarian does not mean you are perfect.  You do your best to follow your belief and your lifestyle.  It was an accident, dont be hard on yourself. Always remember that compassion starts with ourselves and then extends from our heart to all life.  Peace

you are a vegetarian if that is your choice of diet that is preferred. eating a small piece of meat by accident, or even on purpose if you don't do it repeatedly still makes you a vegetarian.

think of it this way...if you are a lesbian and you decide to try having sex with a guy just to try it out since you hadn't done it before, or lately, does it make you straight all of a sudden, even though you don't really prefer men? you are still a lesbian of course.

so anyway, you don't need to check what others think. labels are stupid. just be happy.

no one is labeling her, she asked   opinion and getting straight answers, how can you call your self vegetarian, and be like opps I only ate meat three 10 times I did not know,  yeah come on. You cant look before you eat, and ask what am I eating, This is why some people get the impression that  vegetarian eat meat and fish and chicken on occasions.  I mean unless you are blind, you said you ate around the meat, so you knew he made something with meat in it. anyway not trying to be mean, but if you are living with your family, then if they are not respecting your wishes, as a vegetarian, then you should learn how to cook your own food. its not that hard. anyway good luck.

You  said you ate around the meat, well that means you knew meat was in it. SMH Its no way you could of not known. If you are going to be vegetarian get serious about it. 

Was it purposely or accidentally? Vegetarians don't intentionally eat meat, but if you regret it and don't do it again I don't see the problem?

Also vegetarians don't eat around the meat or pick it out. Your still funding the animal death industry when you do that....the point is to not consume meat at all in any form so that money doesn't go into killing animals. If your parents are buying meals with chicken in them for your, you are funding the industry even if you pick the chicken out. The point is to buy vegetarian meals and not fund animal cruelty.


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