So a few days ago my dad made me some microwave thing that had chicken in it. I ate the rice around it... then had a small piece of the chicken... like fingernail size... and as soon as I did it I regretted it. Does that still count for being vegetarian or did I fuck up? Please be nice, I have anxiety about eating. I'm not perfect but I'm trying.

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Who, exactly, is going to break down your door and take away your vegetarian card?
In my oppinion it's more about intent... if your intention is to not eat meat, you're a vegeterian even if you mess up every once in a while. It sounds like you knew about the chicken so maybe think about why you made the choice to go for it?

Sure, it gets annoying when someone calls themselves a vegeterian and then consistantly eats meat anyway, but that doesn't sound like what's going on here.

Hey Marie, how are you doing? Not really, because even though the size of chicken you ate was negligible, it was still meat, so I guess you could say that just for the split second you were a meat eater, but don't worry about it, don't be hard on yourself, we all slip up and make mistakes, just start fresh again, remember this, today is the first day for the rest of your life. :)

Why did you dad make you a chicken curry then? Does he not know you're a vegetarian? 

You don't need to feel guilty or something like that. At least I don't think so. Just because we occasionally do things that we don't intend to by accident or because of a situation someone puts us in does not mean we have to be forgiven for some great offense.

I was already 26 when I started thinking about why vegetarianism makes more sense and means that fewer animals have to be killed if enough people start making the same connections that I did with animals. Other people have different reasons for not eating meat, but for me it was a moral decision.

But I didn't think I was some kind of terrible animal murderer for having spent the first 26 years of my life eating meat. I just wasn't thinking about it. We all have that problem. I don't want you to feel bad like you are some kind of failure.

Don't worry about the label,whether you are vegetarian or not. The important thing is how you felt about eating that piece of chicken. When I was a new veg someone I was with wanted to split a piece of fish, I didn't really want it but ate some anyways. Together we didn't even finish the one piece. I couldn't bring myself to eat it anymore. That moment wasn't worth feeling bad about because it confirmed my choices for me and that I was on the right path. Haven't eaten any meat since. A couple times at restaurants there accidentally ended up being a piece of meat in my food and my reaction to spit it out was super instantaneous. Most important is be happy with yourself! This lifestyle is a journey.

um.... ok? This got out of had fast. lol This was a while ago. Shit. I should just delete this.


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