My brother a decent guy in general but he is ADAMANT that animals have no feelings and don't care that they die for us and that they were put here for us to eat no other reason.

Has anyone come across people like this and what have you done or said in response.

Chris x

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That was a great answer! I couldnt say better! 

Thanks for the advice I'm going to try mention a thing next time he's at my hose and playing with our cats. He likes them a lot because helped wi us when we first gave them a home.

If I asked him that question he would say "that would never happen and it's a stupid question" lol.

How does your brother feel about people say, fighting pitbulls? I am sure your brother will find he does care about animals, but suffers from cognitive dissonance. Unless there is really no animal (considered "pet" or not) he cares about living- but I highly doubt that. My brother pretends to act the same way, but he gets very emotional over dogs being abused.

Animals scream and cry, they have a central nervous system- meaning YES, they can feel pain. They are sentient creatures. Some get depressed to the point where they refuse to eat or to even exist, the same as humans. There's no difference between human pain and the pain of a non human animal, except that their language is different in how they express this.

I'm sure my brother would go ape shit if he saw someone abusing a dog. Grr people and their insistence that "pets" and "food animals" are different.


no one should die.

Then hope is definitely not lost :)!! I bet if he was face to face with a beautiful baby cow, he would love it as well. He needs to get over the image of the big, dumb cow that the media has pushed in his face, the cow which doesn't feel and just wants to be slaughtered and nothing else. 

Show him "Earthlings" or a similar documentary, I think that could shock him out of that xo

There is no way he would sit down and watch a documentary, let alone one like earthlings.

:(! That is too bad. Some people want to protect their behaviors too terribly.

I find that people are either (1) afraid of change (i.e. - meat has been consumed since biblical times) or (2) just plain ignorant. What frustrates me is even if the individual isn't an animal rights person and lacks the compassion that vegetarians/vegans have toward animals, when I present the evidence that consuming animal products is dramatically increasing the probability of disease (The China Study, Forks Over Knives) - their response is inevitably, "but I love the way it tastes...."  "I can't give up my bacon...."  I am dumbfounded by people who can see the scientific evidence that what they are doing could be killing them and they don't care.  

While in my own utopia our world is full of vegans and overflowing with compassion towards all creatures, I am quickly brought back to earth where daily we must face people who lack compassion and understanding.  It is incredibly frustrating and incredibly sad.  That being said, we are making progress!!  I find more and more people asking why I gave up animal products and just the mere fact that they are asking questions tells me its a step (albeit a baby step) in the right direction!!



Yes, a lot of people from my hometown feel this way, my brother included. It sucks but all you can do is show them what you know. Don't let them influence your choice to not eat meat! :)

No one ever would :) I'm vegan for life.

That should be on a t-shirt haha

My brother in law is a hunter he told me that's just facts of life. I just shrug my shoulders and let him think what he thinks


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