My brother a decent guy in general but he is ADAMANT that animals have no feelings and don't care that they die for us and that they were put here for us to eat no other reason.

Has anyone come across people like this and what have you done or said in response.

Chris x

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Maybe you should adopt a pet for your brother (if you don't already have). I heard many people telling me the same "no feeling" argument, yet none of them were pet owners. 

A senior dog, with his understanding eyes, would probably persuade him better than any words :)

I hope it works, good luck :)  

Anyone who’s ever loved an animal knows they have feelings.

not really. farmers love their cows and animals, yet they send it to the slaughter house, eat it everyday. i would say that its a minority. people care and love animals, yet there are people who eat meat, i wouldnt say that they totally understand the animals feelings.

(speaking in generalizations of course) I'm not sure the kind of love farmers have for livestock is the same as the love I'm talking about. Very few people who love their dogs would ever eat a dog for example.  Thats not to say no one on the planet eats dog.

One of our great plights as Veg@ns is helping others come to terms with erasing the red line in their minds of what they deem "acceptable" in the treatment of others, including animals.

yea, it was out of generalization. people keep birds as pet, fish as pet and love them, but eats birds and fishes everyday. i know where you're coming from on the subject of dogs, but there are other animals that are kept and loved as pets by their owners, but they still eat the animals kinsmen.

people do not take into consideration and put 2 in 2, that they keep animals, love them and such, yet still eat animals everyday. like i have talked earlier on page 2, that people just dont think right. you can read through it and see my opinion about this topic. its somewhat unthinkable, do you not think so?

You're right, people don't think. I love this ad that perfectly illustrates the common sense of it all.

YES!! that is what i totally mean haha.

Jeesh, if they do that to the creatures they love I hate to see what they do to their enemies.

II would say that as a group farmers are cold hearted people to do what they do for a living. 

Your brother may be nice, but he's also seriously delusional! LOL

fuck your brother,i'd punch him in the face!


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