My brother a decent guy in general but he is ADAMANT that animals have no feelings and don't care that they die for us and that they were put here for us to eat no other reason.

Has anyone come across people like this and what have you done or said in response.

Chris x

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animals have no feelings??? & how old is your brother??? well nvm i'm not gonna start anything he will figure it out the hard way.

Yeah, animals maybe don´t care, BUT I CARE !!

I've even seen ants care when other ants die

I read online about some cows getting freaked out when one of them was being taken to slaughter.  He will just have to read some books about how animals react to fear.  I mean, even just normal biology should tell him that animals have feelings.

If he can skin and gut an animal before he eats it, it will help him to connect to the life of the animal.  I guess in today's society where we buy everything packaged, people forget the efforts that were taken to provide the food in the box, and in the case of meat, the pain of the animal.

I have heard sometime when I was a kid that fish don't feel anything in their mouth when the hook goes in.  I don't know if it is valid or not, but it was widespread among people who go fishing.  Maybe that concept spread out to other animals.  I still don't know if was true or not.  Regardless of whether pain is involved with the animal, killing any animal is wrong.

someone told me yesterday that it was okay to eat fish because they dont have personalities. like what? i have never  in my life eaten anything from water and completely disagree. i am also struck by what people come up with as well as their ignorance!

Wow that's so ignorant! People's obnoxious opinions about fish really piss me off. Couldn't agree more.

well you can just tell that person that if a human were in a coma, he or she would also lack a would it be okay to eat them also?  probably that person might not agree with that, so it shows that their view of fish is just a bit short sighted.

personally, I think most people are ignorant, including each one of us, no matter how vegan a person might be.  knowledge of veganism doesn't imply some kind of supreme wisdom of all things bad and good.  that would be a bit of a fairy tale and the start of a new fangled religion, which I am sure some vegans might want to propagate, but it would be another example of short sightedness as well.

most people have false ideas due to lack of information and their own opinionated views, so this stuff just changes in its own time.  and life goes on.

if you seen some videos of animals being sent to the slaughter house, you may see that many "cry and wept" as their life are about to come to an end. i believe this justifies a reason that they have feelings. another is, why do animals have families? because they love, they care. their every action is the very same as us humans. apes and chimpanzees care for their babies with as much love as a mother and father has to their children. elephant, horse, cows, chickens, sheep, pigs, each and every animal around the world has the same feeling as us humans. towards their children and towards their fellow kinds and others. their every action, if you would say, does not prove that they have feelings, i have to say, that you are wrong. their every action is the same as us humans, their feelings are the same as us humans. they weep with joy for their children, they cry for the loss of their loved ones just like we do. i would adamantly say, animals have feelings. they are every bit the same as us humans.

That is very true. Some animals even take their own lives out of grief. The most horrifying sound is perhaps the cries of a mother cow as her child is being dragged away to slaughter. I can't imagine.... The same is true for other animals, including fish which people tend to forget. For those poor creatures, life does not go on, for the sake of selfish pleasure. Disgusts me how self absorbed people can be, and what evils they can justify to themselves for the sake of convenience.

yup, what i also dont get is why people go, "oh, that piglets sooooooo CUUUTTTEEE!!!", and during dinner, "ooooMMMMMGGGG!!!!, this pork is sooooo yummy!!!!". thats just totally random and WTF.

i also find myself wondering every now and then, why are these people being like this? are they so stuck in their "fantasy" of pleasure and delight that they forget that they are consuming the lives of a living being for the sake of their own taste buds and stomach? that they are unable to judge that the animals that they've eaten wish to live a life, long enough to see their own children grow up? that these animals that they see once in a while and call them nice things, are constantly filling them up daily?

i dont get why humanity has come down to such path where they take the lives of others for granted and eat them as if nothing happens? we humans condemn cannibalism, killing, murdering and such, yet "we" (meaning the meat eaters) kill these animals daily, in the millions and billions, without consequences? some have forgotten the consequences of the bird flu, the swine flu and such, these flu/diseases were caused by mankind, yet they throw these aside saying that they have the vaccine for it. why they complain that if we dont kill and eat the animals, that our planets will be over crowded by them , that they forget that we humans are the ones that are over-crowding the planets rather then the animals. how these people talk about God and his righteousness, yet not have the faith to stop eating meat.

i dont get these people. where has their sense of humanity, their sense of benevolence and uprightness gone to? why can they not see that animals deserve as much respect and equality as we humans do? why are they not able to understand that a life is precious, that everything wishes to live. why these people have forgotten such for their own pleasure is something that i dislike and hate a lot. but humans are humans, we make mistake, and we must do something to open their eyes and minds that they are not doing the right thing, that animals life are as precious as our own.

i mean no disrespect and offense to many of you, as i too also have friends and colleagues who eat meat. i feel that they should one day learn, that vegetarianism/veganism is the right option, that a animal life is a precious and important as our own.

^^ Omg YES haha. It drives me crazy to no end. At what point along their thought process did their compassion die? Humans have a rather ugly history of exploiting other beings, human and non, for profit or personal pleasure. Even at the expense of beings we could learn to love, and whom we wouldn't allow to be harmed perhaps in front of our eyes, but behind a curtain away from our view. Which is very tragic.

When people tell me, "I would go vegan but I can give up *this*" I think the exact same things as you do- how can you KNOW, actually KNOW what's happening and then think, "I'm more important. I don't need this, but I want this, so that loss of life is okay." Thank God there's a whole society to share the blame with I guess -.-!

God forbid someone kicks a dog. Then everyone is up in arms. Or God forbid there is some horse meat slipped into their cow-flesh burgers, then the world goes insane. "But those are the animals we are programmed to like!!!" Sigh.... We create disease as you say, then we further exploit animals through testing to try and fix it. It's a disgusting cycle, and I'm wondering when we're going to fight hard enough to end it. I'm glad Europe has banned animal testing, I wish more counties would hop on that band wagon. 

I don't think anything you wrote is disrespectful- it's very accurate observation on our culture today. I personally used to be just as brainwashed as my parents and other people who ate meat. I was indoctrinated into eating meat. I was told from birth that's what's normal. And hey, everyone else did it- so it must be right, right? It wasn't until I realized other people WERE living a different way, that I realized there was no excuse for all of this death. None at all. No justification to continue. I wish my family would follow in my footsteps one day- especially my mother, who is getting very sick from dairy and meat (having bone problems and a whole bunch of others)- but some people never change even when their health is in the balance. I don't understand it.



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