My brother a decent guy in general but he is ADAMANT that animals have no feelings and don't care that they die for us and that they were put here for us to eat no other reason.

Has anyone come across people like this and what have you done or said in response.

Chris x

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Before or after I smack them upside the head?

Any idiot could see that animals have feelings. Any pet owner would tell you that they not only have feelings, but personalities and thoughts too. (And souls, for the record)

The notion that humankind is the only ANIMAL with sentient thought is outdated bullshit. The notion that only humans are the only ANIMALS that feel, is grossly wrong

Placing humanity on a pedestal simply because of our terribly narrow intellect is the reason why our Earth is so decimated. We take, thinking that everything was put here for our benefit. When really, without our intellect, we would just be weak little hairless apes still clustered around a fire. 

And if your dear brother wants to see which one is more powerful, stick him in a room with a bear with nothing but what the Gods gave them. See who comes out breathing.

People need to figure out how to be more humble.

This is based on what research he has done?
In my personal experience and those who I have met, mainly Christians have this belief. Animals have feelings, they react, they stress and they certainly feel pain. Have you ever seen an abused animal and the fear it has? Ignorance isn't an excuse to do what one feels.

When I was in high school I had a boyfriend who was so adamantly against my vegetarianism. Since I became a vegetarian during the course of our relationship, I didn't really think much of it because I hadn't really fully come into my beliefs/ideology concerning animals/meat eating. Anyway, as I became more sure of my beliefs and started talking about my desire to transition to veganism, he told me that he would break up with me if I went vegan. He was so convinced that God created animals for us, referenced the canines in human teeth, all that bullshit.

I broke up with him.

Late reply, but Well done!

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I am certain that they don't care if they die....but let me explain why. When I was a child, I had no understanding of death. When someone 1st told me about it, I didn't believe it and was so terrified of the idea that I dismissed it entirely and attempted to convince myself that people that had "died" had in fact gone into hiding (bear in mind that I was about 4 or 5).

We have no innate understanding of death, it is a concept that we learn of, therefore animals don't care if they die as they do not have a proper understanding of death. This however is not an excuse to kill them, the same way it is not justified to enslave a human at birth so long as they do not know any different.

Animals do of course react to a death as they are puzzled at why the body of another being has suddenly become inanimate and it appears to be extremely strange to them and they worry about what has happened to this being the same way a 1 year old would react if a parent collapsed dead in front of them.

To state that animals have no feelings on the other hand is just ignorance towards suffering and scientific evidence. Is her religious? If not, I don't understand the phrase "they were PUT here for us to eat".

Sorry, didnt realise this post was from March last year. Any updates to report Christine?

Send him to It's difficult to watch, but try to get him to watch the whole thing, and maybe preferably alone. Ask him then if the animals seem to be behaving as if they don't want to be there, as if they care. IT sounds as if he's in denial and maybe doesn't want to face the horrible truth. There's no denying what one sees in that award-winning documentary. It's a powerful tool for waking people up.

Good luck - I know it's painful to have loved ones take this attitude and continue to blindly and wantonly support the torture and murder of our innocent animal companions.


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