Hi Everyone!

I first went Veggie in December (8th) but have since decided that i want to go Ovo-Vegetarian. I would like to go Vegan but I will still eat eggs and things containing eggs so long as I can guarantee they're free range eggs (or eggs from a local farm where i know the farmer very well and know all his hens are kept in great conditions)

I'd like to know if there are any specific websites/groups for Ovo-Vegetarians? I'd like to get to know others and discuss recipes and the like.

Thanks in advance for any info!

Kitty x


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Yeah exactly, when i was living at home my mum and dad used to have chickens as pets but then they didnt have the time to be able to look after them properly  so they went to live on my friends farm (the chickens, not my mum and dad lol!)

Maybe we should set up a support group for us Ovo's :) x

Hi Kitty,

I became veggie on Dec 1st and am still eating free range eggs, but avoiding dairy etc. I kept eating eggs at the start for health reasons eg. b12 and am getting a blood test in Feb to make sure all my nutrients are going ok. I'm not sure how I'll feel about eggs in the future, but I'd love to have my own chickens (no rooster) if I continue eating eggs, which I probably will. I'd like to take further steps towards veganism  in most areas, but eggs and honey would be hard to give up. I'd love to know about any groups you set up.

Hello Kitty,

Because i have rescued hens,that live a wonderful life i see no harm whatsoever in cosuming their eggs,the alternative would be to have hundreds of  chicks born here,we have a couple of rescued Cockerals too,other than the eggs here i am Vegan,you can see some photos of the Birds, on my face book account. xx

Hey, I'm ovo-veggie as well. I had intended to go completely vegan but I've never made the transition. Although I don't keep chooks at the moment I might be getting some this year. A group for ovos sounds good Kitty!


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