Hi fellow vegetarians, I'm looking to see if there are any other vegetarian, or vegan, weight lifters or athletes? It's always fun to be active and exercise, coupled with our naturally healthy lifestyle choices, it seems exercise and vegetarianism would make a perfect pair.

I'm just curious. I'm always looking to meet 'leaf eating weight lifters' since I feel desolate when it comes to strength training, power lifting, and mass gaining on plant diets. And since the general notion is that vegetarians can't be strong or muscular, not much effort is put behind the idea. Not much is written in terms of the subject, but Robert Cheeke is becoming known for his Vegan Body Building book he published awhile back. I even met him at VegFest in Seattle, great guy and very inspirational. Very strong too.

Anyways, I've been having at vegetarian body building for the last few years, and I've recently got it "figured out" in terms of what works with my physiology. I consume about 250 grams of protien daily, around 3,500 calories a day, and it's helped me reach 230lbs of mass. A few personal goals I've reached: 300lbs maximum bench press, 70lb standing alternate dumbbell curl.

Anyone else have diets, consumptions they've used to reach their weight and lifting goals?

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Absolutely man. There are many vegan athletes and bodybuilders. I've done alot of searching on the web since becoming vegan and was surprised at how many there are, some with prestigious titles. Just google it and you tube it. I was a competive power-lifter years ago and have been hitting the iron consistently for 15 yrs or so. I took the meat free route about a year ago after exploring spirituality and meditation. The deeper i searched, the more i deflated my ego and the more i elevated my consciousness, the more sensitive and compassionate i began to feel, so i could no longer bear to eat animals. Before i did the research i assumed, because of the propaganda from the meat and dairy industry that i bought into, that maximum muscle mass couldn't be achieved without it. I didn't care anymore about that because being a humane, compassionate human being now took precedence over maximum muscle mass, but through learning the truth i discovered you can still have that if you choose. I know now that there is a healthier, more natural vegan replacement for all that meat and dairy i used to eat....I like the brown rice, hemp, and pea protein powders for my high protein smoothies. Another thing too i've noticed is eating a vegan diet is so much more enjoyable because i eat such a wide variety of foods now and i've learned there is abundant protein in vegetables, nuts, bean, lentils, grains etc...Quinoa is an awesome protein source as well. I try to stick with the fermented soys like tempeh, which is delicious in stir frys with some olive oil, mixed veggies and whatever veggie delights you can come up with.....I'm still learning myself and it's friggin AWESOME!!!! Happy training and humane living my brother...Peace

You sound like a wonderful person!
I hope that you are able to inspire more men in the world to be more aware and conscious and compassionate.
Thank you for your kindness :)

Right here, though I've slowed down a bit (gym weights wise, not everything else wise) since moving to Brazil. Love to meet other active vegetarians.

I'm not into sports or anything but I do go to the gym regularly and keep up to date with my physical activity.

My work-out routine only lasts about an hour. I do cardio (jogging) for about 25 to 30 minutes (usually 2 miles at 6 mph) then a bunch of different ab workouts, then many different weight machines. I'm not trying to build up muscle so much as to just stay in shape.

I do enjoy it though, and once I'm finally out of school I want to up my workout routine. I want to jog more than I do and do more weight-lifting than I do.

I've used the Tempt hemp protein alot by living harvest...Also a product called plant fusion which combines, pea, brown rice and artichoke protein together, really good...I'm still getting to know all the brands...I've been hearing great things about Sun Warrior..i wanna try that one

i guess it depends on the level you are shooting for. I'm in good shape and can bench around 300-310 and that's with no supplements. I can also leg press about 1100 lbs.  I think it just takes time, patience and trying different lifting techniques to reach your goals.

I'm not against supplements at all, but they are pricey and i've reached my weight lifting goals without them. but, that's just me.

hello mate ! I don't know much about body builders , but since I vegetarian I used to cycle on hight level , and now I  running marathon once a year .  20 years of it without any deficiency and I never thought of adding more vitamines ! that for endurance sport , e.g. a long day of cycling I use to consume  approx  8 300 cal.  then soy rice and oats seems a good choice for proteines !

Interesting ... I was into kayaking for 5 yrs ,,now cycling ,,What did you consume to get your calories from ? .. Excellent post :-)

I weight train, practice Karate, practice Yoga and run.  I have never felt leaner since going Pesco.

i do wieghtlifting because its supposed to be good for my eds type 3

i also like doing martial arts but thats supposed to be bad for my eds type 3 lol but i still do it

I run :) I also ski. I do very light weight lifting also. Wouldn't call myself an athlete, just active. I used to do a lot of sports though: Basketball, volleyball, track, baseball, soccer, ski team, etc. Not all at once of course Lol.


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