Hi fellow vegetarians, I'm looking to see if there are any other vegetarian, or vegan, weight lifters or athletes? It's always fun to be active and exercise, coupled with our naturally healthy lifestyle choices, it seems exercise and vegetarianism would make a perfect pair.

I'm just curious. I'm always looking to meet 'leaf eating weight lifters' since I feel desolate when it comes to strength training, power lifting, and mass gaining on plant diets. And since the general notion is that vegetarians can't be strong or muscular, not much effort is put behind the idea. Not much is written in terms of the subject, but Robert Cheeke is becoming known for his Vegan Body Building book he published awhile back. I even met him at VegFest in Seattle, great guy and very inspirational. Very strong too.

Anyways, I've been having at vegetarian body building for the last few years, and I've recently got it "figured out" in terms of what works with my physiology. I consume about 250 grams of protien daily, around 3,500 calories a day, and it's helped me reach 230lbs of mass. A few personal goals I've reached: 300lbs maximum bench press, 70lb standing alternate dumbbell curl.

Anyone else have diets, consumptions they've used to reach their weight and lifting goals?

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I am not much of a weightlifter but I am a runner and a soccer player :)I can't imagine not being active

I'm a marathon runner and being vegetarian doesnt affect my eddiciency, at all! In fact, its great to include a healthy diet.

Hockey, Jogging, Rock Climbing, Swimming, Hiking...I'm a vegan. I've been asking my guy if we could get gym memberships. I'd love to get back into a bit of weightlifting. I lost quite a bit of weight going vegan, so now I need to get toned back up. I have never felt healthier or had more energy! It's awesome :)

I have really gotten into running and go to the gym.  I tore my Achilles tendon a few weeks back, so now that I must rest it and cannot run I plan to put all my energy into what I can still do at the gym. I am certainly not a weight lifter but I want to work on building up some more muscle.  

Being raw vegan helps me reach all my goals and my gains never lacked! I just eat and eat and eat all day :) I start competing in 2014
Thanks man! I had almost the same question.

I packed on 13 pnds of muscle in 2 months with vegan lifting =). from 155 to 168. Bodyfat increase was very negligible; while maintaining high end cardio.  Meat eating building vs plant is not even on the same level. 

Chris what did your meals consist of please ...? ..Some good gains there .. :-)

Its just about stimulating HgH, consuming more calories, and rounding out the amino acid profile.  I always find it bizarre when people say it's imposible to build on a vegetarian diet, it just takes a little bit more work to find 100g worth of easily digested complete proteins.  I always load up with shakes, one consisting of a cup of oats, milk and 100g of peanut butter to the tune of 1000 calories and another that is avocado and coconut milk, which averages 750.  Half a daily intake with two shakes is smoooth sailing.  I mix two other shakes before and after exercise that have 30g of whey with 60g of dextrose and maltodextrin mixed, thats another 720 calories for the day.  I've started using pea and rice protein isolate blends as well in place of casein at night, since it's slower to digest than other proteins.  Now if I could just stop being so lazy in the gym and push those maxes lol.

Looking to be faster and leaner as a runner and cyclist...

I just go to the gym and ride bicycle outdoors. In the gym I do weight lifting and the group classes like GAP, body pump, body combat, cxworx and pilates. But one of the intructors has asked me if I was a running athlete because of the muscles in my legs. I have a ealthy diet, but not for sports, I only drink a soy protein shake.

Cheers! I am a 57 year old "Vegan" competitive Triathlete (Ironman) and a Health and Fitness professional. I race on a team of "No Meat Athletes" (All Vegetarians, 75% Vegans). I've been a firm believer that eating a Plant Strong Diet is the only way to achieve optimum health as well as enhancing performance in both sport and life, even recovery times are faster! You are so on the right path... My wife, also an athlete (a competitive runner, elite yoga instructor and master fitness trainer), is a nutritional Guru (she studied under Dr.Joel Fuhrman). You should join her group page on Facebook (Eat Healthy and Thrive) as well as check out her website http://www.eathealthyandthrive.com  , there's lots a value information in both place that might help you on your journey! Markus





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