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Although there are definite benefits to juicing, you are missing out on certain nutritional elements when you don't consume whole fruits or vegetables. You won't be getting the fiber contained in whole fruit. Juicing appliances extract the juice and leave behind the pulp and skin, which is where most of the fiber content is located. One glass of juice has more sugar than a single piece of whole fruit. 

Juicing can help you round out your fruit and veggie intake, but eating more whole fruits and vegetables should be your primary goal. Or else may be do smoothies which keep all the fibre in and also keeps the sugar intake in control..

Agreed.What about blender?Isnt its production full of fiber?Isnt it the same fruit but divided into small particles?I use blender preferrably,but in certain veges blender is not ok.Its carrot and apple mostly

I basically love juices and smoothies, the on issue is that I don't have time to make them each day. So this means that I need to buy them on my way to work, luckily here in Sydney there are a lot of quality ready meals ideal for vegetarians, and I can  replace my morning smoothies and juices with that and as soon as i get home make one for myself. I think juicing is great but in combination with solids so that you get all the necessary nutrients. 

True,juicing is not enough.I use blender whenever its a good idea.Some veges though is not so.Its mostly apple and carrot


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