What do you guys think about aquariums?

I don't like zoos and don't support them, but I'm not sure about aquariums.

Thank you all!

You all are beautiful people making a lovely impact on this world!<3

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I don't like aquariums and marine parks and I won't visit them. When Ripley's Aquarium opened up in Toronto this year, I was disappointed and sad to hear about it. The animals are held captive in an unnatural environment. The giant grouper, for instance, is jammed against the side of the tank and doesn't have space to move. The fish and other creatures kept there are stressed and a lot of them are sick. Just like the animals kept in zoos, these are sentient beings that have the right to exist without human exploitation. It's selfish and cruel to keep them in captivity for our own benefit, amusement, or educational purposes.

Really, this is very True..

Ruby i am 100% satisfied with your Comment.. Its the selfish and cruel act of the people to keep Fish in aquariums, every species have the right to live in its free world happily..

Aquariums are glass cages built to please the eyes of the ogling masses while imprisoning countless marine species. I wish they didn't exist at all.


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