I'm a big fan of Coca Cola Coke Zero (not sure if everyone else has that in their country) and was just wondering if it was Vegan?

I'm more than willing to give it up fro Veganism but it would be nice to still be able to have it.

Also if anyone knows any common lollies that are vegan?

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agree its not vegan by the way i use coke to clean too old car spare parts it works as magic wand removes stain inmediatly imagine this beverage inside you? aditionally has more chemicals than windex or clorox not good uh

Yeah i remember putting all my old pennies in coke and they became so shiny. Ok i am going to give up coke i thought it was vegan. I'm not so sad about it. I still have coffee :D 

Mmmmmm coffee
Haha k you guys have convinced me. Coke is a no no for multiple reasons.

Thanks x

Interesting. Learned a lot about coke today! Thankfully have been off of coke for a long time. Hey guys, PETA claims that Monster is vegan- is this true?

Are you talking about Monster energy drink? If so, I would like to know also...

Coca Cola is not vegan cause they are doing animal testing!


Exactly ... And Btw. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are main sponsors in events like RODEO which is F*&^ed ...
I Have very mixed feelings about all big Corps. because they do sooooo many bad things, like stealing 1.5 million liters of fresh water daily from the India. Just imagine how much water it is, and this is in India where 1.2 BILLION people lives. ALL BIG CORPS ARE BAD, AND THEY ARE THE ONES THAT PROFIT FROM ALL THE IGNORANCE.

I am sorry if I was to angry in this, but how can I be calm about it ?

This is proof:

Coke is involved in testing animals. Look at animals liberty thereare many product that are tested on animals. Coke is not vegan.

coca cola is produced for many years and its not need to be tested

Also Does anyone know if the flavouring/mixer for the SodaStream contains any gelatine or anything that would make it non vegetarian or vegan?


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