I find it rather amusing when I hear people talking about how disgustingly odd they find tofu. Normally these types of comments are made by non vegetarians who know very little about it. The other day while I was making dinner I grabbed a block of tofu and left it pressing on the counter. This has become a weekly habit of mine. All seemed normal in my life until my roommate came into the kitchen. As soon as her eyes met the sliced cream colored tofu the rather silly questions started. What is that? Do you eat that? Why would you eat that? Then there was my favorite question, can I touch it? I normally welcome these questions, even though her tone was not immediately appreciated. However; I am always willing to inform others of how amazing I find tofu to be. After a quick explanation and reassurance that it is definitely safe to consume she gave me a face that I can't quiet explain. Imagine laying eyes on the grossest thing in the world then multiple it by two, and that was her reaction. Soon after the questions and the look of disgust left her face I was bombarded with comments that I almost couldn't take seriously. That's Disgusting! All those chemicals in there can't be safe! That crap looks like dried out Spam. I could never eat that (insert gagging noises here). I looked at her in amazement as she pulled out a cheap package of hotdogs that are surely going to make her sick. In return I pulled out another package of the organic tofu and read the ingredients to her: water, soybeans, and salt. Three ingredients and I can pronounce all of them. I had to wonder if she could say the same about her hotdogs. After seeing the packaging of the tofu she began to question why it came in a block and some how in her mind that made tofu even worse. Apparently being able to form tofu into the shape of a block put her over the edge. Sadly she had no idea that a hotdog also goes through the journey of being mashed and reshaped. I am completely flabbergasted that in her mind tofu is worse than eating meat... Especially a especially a hotdog. It truly makes me question the education and knowledge one has about the food industry. I also wonder when or why tofu got its' bad name. I finished cooking and sat there extremely puzzled as I looked at my dinner. Could I be missing something? Did this tofu come from another planet and invade earth taking us as hostages at some point? If not, and I assume it didn't, I am left to wonder why people are so hesitant...

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poor tofu...it's gotten the short end of the stick forever. we use probably 4 tubs of tofu a week. 

Even as a vegetarian I think everything you said is correct. I just often wonder why tofu has such a bad rap. I remember hearing about it when I was little (pre vegetarian) and thinking it was odd... yet had never seen it or tried it. SO glad that I have been converted :)

it has a bad rap because people try and use it without flavoring it. if you don't know how to use it, it's pretty bland. lol.


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