Someone recently posed this question to me: Are vegetarians sexually good or even better in bed compared to non-vegetarians? I don't have a clue on how to answer him, as I'm also curious to know myself. So anyone would like to share some thoughts, comments and feedback on this matter?

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I'll just add what I commented on your status. I think so, perhaps, sometimes lol. I think veggies have more stamina and energy- also it's been shown in research that larger people with higher fat content have harder times- (enjoying)- sex than those with less, because of blood circulation. I'd assume because of this, though it doesn't make someone a better lover, it makes things easier on that person.

But that's also on the assumption meat-eaters have more fat, some work out a lot and eat lean meats so it's all a matter of that person's particular intake. There are also lots of veggies with fatty diets.

in addition to what Lauren said.... also, vegetarians are healthier.... thus meaning that everything will most likely be function like normal =P iunno..... other than that I can't imagine any other factor. XD I've never been with a vegetarian so I don't know first hand =(

You are so right on this, no first hand experience in this matter... as there are not many options around. Thanks for your comments/thoughts.

Less bad breath, that's great to know...

Idk why im here..haha I'd wouldnt have a clue since I've never had sex..but from what is basic fact, vegetarians/vegans do have alot more energy, so it alot more likey haha..i guess that explains..why I wake up early..and still have the energy to stay up late haha

That's very noble of you! LOL

lolol i love this!


if we had to use bias, i'd say vegans would be the best of all. by far.


But i think it's ludicrous. I definitely know veg folk who are meh in bed. and i know meat eaters that tear it up. it's a nice thought, but a very silly one.

i've known many meat eaters that have tons of energy and  no bad breath, so.....


again, just idealism at it's best and realism at it's worst.

I have seen t-shirts that say, "Vegetarians taste better"

I wonder if that is true at least.  It would depend on whether the meat fats affect the reproductive fluids of the body.  I know at least meat does seem to come out in the pores in sweat.  Also, I think it would have to come out in the breath.  I guess it depends on the person's digestion and what gases it releases from the mouth, (among other places)

then i would assume that vegetarians that eat cheese and dairy would give off some funky ass smells.

they might.  I guess it depends on how much cheese and dairy they eat and still it depends on their digestion.  a cheese fart probably doesn't smell as bad as a cheeseburger fart.

just compare a cow fart and a tiger fart.  the difference is pretty clear.


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