Someone recently posed this question to me: Are vegetarians sexually good or even better in bed compared to non-vegetarians? I don't have a clue on how to answer him, as I'm also curious to know myself. So anyone would like to share some thoughts, comments and feedback on this matter?

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I was told by my ex-gf that I was her best :D

Make what you ought of it :P

My mother used to say: Eat more vegetables boy. Thanks mom, she was a visionary!

148 shots per day

I would say yes but that would be just boasting ! ;0)=

Well I'm currently single so... any female volunteers to help me find out the answer to this question? ;) :p

Well, I guess I have found the correct answer HERE. In a nutshell I can say that we veggies are the lucky ones. ;)

i can say yes bcoz our bloodvessels are clean so the heart pumps better and we can perform better


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