I just wanted to know if this happens to other people, but my friends say, "Oh, you are a vegetarian? Here, have some carrots." I mean, come on. I can eat more tham fruit and vegetables. I almost eat more things than meat- eaters. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years, and my family always trys to make me eat meat and tease me about it.

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This issue is one of the biggest reasons that I started my blog of vegetarian / vegan recipes, www.compassionistarecipes.com      

When people act in this manner, I always use it as an opportunity to let them know the vast variety of foods that we enjoy and the health benefits of our lifestyle choice.  Several people with whom I have talked have converted to at least a part-time vegetarian diet, which is a start!  

I do have to admit that when people are REALLY obnoxious about the topic that I have a stock reply that usually stops them in their tracks....  I am vegetarian / vegan because I don't like to put dead animals in my mouth.   But I only use that when they are being truly obnoxious...  The look on their faces is priceless, though...  

I've heard people say oh yeah, you eat rabbit food. Truth is, I cook and eat a a much broader diet than I ever did before.

Same here, Merry. As a meat-eater your diet truthfully is very restrictive- you plan meals around meat. Meat is always the main dish, it seems. At least that was the way it was in my household. Now I'm always coming up with creative ideas, recipes, and new fruits/veggies I'd never tried before :)! It's a rediscovery of love for food all over again.

yeah before i was a veggie i was such a fussy eater i didnt really like anything my mum or dad made me but when i became veggie at 16 years old it was like i stopped being a fussy eater

No offence or anything on you're topic bud, but it sounds to me like you're giving them way to much satisfaction.It's just food at the end of the day,I don't think twice if i know someones trying to have a dig at me,why would i get annoyed or upset over it.theres only advantages for being veg.

yeah i got someone say to me becuse they think they are fat so they said to me i wanted to try  veggie diet to lose weight but i cant just eat salad forever i was like we dont just eat that and some of my family are convinced i only eat salad too

I just tell everybody that I'm a vegan even though I'm really just a vegetarian. It takes too long to explain to people that I really just think about every single individual meal I eat for what it really is and weigh the positives and negatives. People don't understand how you can eat one type of dairy and not the other - the exact problem in the world; you're either all or nothing. What's best is when they then freak out seeing me eat an egg sandwich!

I've gotten the "oh you can have a salad" response many times; in my case the reason it is bothersome is because I find salads hard to eat and lacking in flavor. They don't appeal to me at all. Another reason is meat eaters may not realize that some salad dressings have fish in them. So it's as if they're saying to me, can't eat this tasty thing then have this non-tasty thing that might be off limits anyway.

I'm just waiting for someone to ask if I'm getting enough protein. I'll just say are you kidding that's about all I ever eat!

I'm glad I'm not the only one that goes through this. Whenever I go out to eat whoever I'm with always says.."you can get a salad". So sick of hearing it. I also have to defend being a vegetarian. I always get the comment that they are just animals. I live around a lot of ignorance sadly. 

I think it's a good opportunity to educate people when those comments come up. If someone wants to comment rudely on the way I eat, I take it as an invitation for a lesson!

Thanks for all of the replies. It still is the same, "Oh, is it OK if I eat this meat in front of you?" Or, "what about eggs, can you eat eggs?" Oh well, just gonna have to live with it. XD


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