I'm vegetarian who trying to become a vegan. My country(Malaysia) is vegetarian-friendly but not the vegan-friendly place. Normally, the Chinese vegetarians are lacto-ovo vegetarian and Indian vegetarians are lacto vegetarian. It's quite hard to find the vegan meal or product. And also, almost all my family and friends are not vegetarian, they know the concept of vegetarian but not vegan. Like my roommate, she is very nice person, she will share her biscuits and any other food with me. As i know, there are the dairy product in many biscuit. But I feel that it's not very good to say no every time. Do you have same experience before? Do you mind to share what your think and how you overcome this problem?

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hi there!

I had the same experience for a long time! It only changed everything when i moved and live all by myself. I still invite friends over my place but i don`t change the food i serve on my table for visitors. If you stand firm to what you believe then things will be easier! It`s either we both learn for good or for the better or not learn at all.

You're right! Thank you!

Since you live in Malaysia, it must be difficult for you to find veg food. Although I never had the experience like this but i think eating biscuits is fine as it is not making you non vegetarian. Following a veg diet is not a problem, if you believe in maintaining it then you should continue this trend.

Actually if you find the place that's more Chinese or Indian ppl in Malaysia ( Chinese ppl is second largest ethnic group and Indian ppl is third largest ethnic group in Malaysia) , that's quite easy to find the vegetarian food. But if you wish to have a vegan(no egg and milk) food, we have less choices. Anyway, thanks for your comment and I will try it hard! :)


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