“So, you are a vegetarian/vegan? What do you eat?”

People often thought Veg* Diet is boring. But reality is: Vegetarian/Vegan diet is Healthy, delicious and kindest diet ever!

Let’s share more of Yummy Veg* Dishes with others, so they can discover how wonderful Vegetarian/Vegan diet can be.

Viva Vegetarian/Vegan!!!! ♥

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I eat salads, toast, veg burgers which are actually delicious and healthier to eat. Oh, and there is chocolate since I am a chocolate fanatic.

I have dairy and fish once in a while, but fruits, veggies, quinoa, veggie burgers, fake meat in moderation, vegetarian chilli, pasta, and chocolate. In moderation.

Excellent presentation, so true! I am sharing it!!!!!

But...I love daisies.

Relax Yall, Me Vita Boca, :-) Whoop WHOOP!

I'm a newbie vegetarian, so eating a lot of Morningstar products at the moment, though I did make myself some veggie chilli that everyone in the family liked (they're meat eaters) and I also made a butternut and cabbage soup which I loved and so did my husband.  This will be my first veggie Thanksgiving and Christmas, so am looking around for some ideas.

I just spent a year eating what my Old One ate including meat since she is 96 and it was easier on me at the time to cook once just for 2. I had recently moved and have a whole fixer upper house in a new cold climate and moved 4000 miles...I was too tired to do much of anything & then I had to get my aunt from a bad situation....not in my plans at all.....so that is the back story in a nut shell.....I can't imagine a more pathetic, boring diet than what I ate for that year! Since she is not planning to depart this world anytime soon I could not stand eating the dead stuff anymore and have gone back to my veganish ways. My grocery bill is now halved and I am so much happier.  She did eat my wonderful spaghetti sauce made with TVP, my sausage and gravy on biscuits and tamale pie enchiladas and never knew there was no a shred of animal in any of it for a year. If she can't tell the difference then no one can. I am so happy to be back to normal again. OY! what a year!

First I thought the post was funny. Then I read the answers and replys. How can you guys fight about your differences of opinion is hilarious, but a bit unsettling. If I learned something about changing the world is that most idealists fail for not sticking toghether, but rather fighting or trying to find ways of reassuring their self appointed position of being the ones with the only right answer to the problems they want to fix. Anyway, I came in contact with this site because I really want to become a vegetarian. I need help on this. The problem is, the minute I began avoiding eating meat I started dreaming about it while asleep. My subconscious is not accepting the change as easily as I thought it would. I even dream about eating red meat, something I didn't eat in seventeen years. I'd like to know what would make this transition easier. Recently I stopped smoking too, and that was so difficult in the beggining but now I think it is the best thing I did in a decade. I am hoping vegetarianism is going to be even better, so if you have some insight to offer, I'd really apreciate it. 

Please all don't fight, we are all doing our bit to make this world a better place for animals, but fighting about it, doesn't help. 

yes in india u will have looots and loooots to eat :)

Love this! I ate a squash, pepper & mushroom quesadilla light on the smoked Gouda cheese. I wish to be rid of my liking of cheese. I got some Daiya fake cheese. I will try it soon.
I am a vegetarian. I only eat eggs and no meat. This limits my protein intake. 


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