1. B12 is produced naturally in our bodies.

2. B12 can be obtained in various additional places (which don't include animal or animal-by products).

You really need to stop spreading rumors, it's been long enough already. It is a MYTH that you need B12 supplements!!!

"vitamin B12 actually comes from coenzymes, which are already present in bacteria found on the human body (in and around the mouth, for example)."

(back up source LINK )

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Where did you get this information?

It's just simply biology. B12 is produced in our mouth naturally, and it can be found it various places. You can look it up...  or just read this article.


How interesting. =3 Thank you Natalie for sharing. I haven't taken B12 supplement for at least ten years and staying healthy.

On a side note for vegans who need to take B12 supplement, there are vegan versions where B12 is derived from bacteria (propionibacterium shermanii, pseudomonas denitrificans, or streptomyces griseus) and just be on a lookout in the ingredient list that they didn't use gelatine as a filler.

what about people saying they have b12 deficiency? why do people get defecient?

Crohn's disease, celiac disease, graves disease, pernicious anemia... lots of main causes for it.

Sorry, this is completely inaccurate and potentially dangerous advice. The source of this 'B12 myths' stuff is an old discredited article by Vivian Vetrano and has been debunked here: http://jacknorrisrd.com/response-to-vegan-vitamin-b12-deficiency-is...

There is also a good page of information on B12 at veganhealth.org:  http://veganhealth.org/articles/everyvegan

Please beware of following any random dietary advice you find online. Your health and the health of your children could be at serious risk by doing so. 

Thank you for your references. I am definitely a huge advocate for making sure you get enough B12 as a veg. I definitely know when I am not taking my supplements, because I am incredibly weepy and tired. Some people may not become deficient because of their preferences in food choices as a veg, but I do. As with all diets, your food preferences can also affect your intake of essential vitamins and minerals, so supplements are great for helping maintain good health and your lifestyle.

There are so many conflicting sources of info on this I think people really need to research it themselves and not take any ones word for it one way or another.


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