This bear cub was euthanized for being too friendly and curious of humans near the Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says the bear was so friendly to humans that there was no other choice than to euthanize him. They had made an attempt previously to relocate the little bear but he came back. He liked people but more importantly, liked the food they gave him.

The killing of this beloved little bear cub brings up the whole debate of over “wildlife management.” Humans move into animal territory and complain about being surrounded by animals. We take away the land animals depend on for survival and we get mad that they are attracted to our food and our garbage.

To me, the death of this little bear is a sad reminder of how screwed up our relationship with animals really is."

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I agree. I bet you more than enough people would have offered to give the little guy a home. There is a guy in the States he takes all kinds of bears and they live in a sanctuary, including one he grew up with that he wrestles around with, etc. 

Agreed! AHH I had a huge response to this and my connection deleted it, haha. 

omg.! poor baby.! :( this story makes me so sad.

:( Me also! I would have given him a home ;__;!!

My house borders the Ocala national forest in FL< US. 

We have had a serious bear problem. Florida fish and wildlife has been relocating fed bears from  campgrounds to here. To make matters worse, I have an idiot neighbor that feeds them. 

The result? I have owed this house for over 20 years. yet I cannot walk outside safely after dark. I have had my car windows busted out, one of my outbulidings torn up, and my car bumper ripped off Christmas morning. My mother who lives on the same street has had the siding torn off her house and her fence is completely destroyed. 

The answer is not to relocate these bears, but to start cracking down and giving actual consequences to those that feed them.

I own my house, I pay taxes on it and should be able to live here in peace without corrupted abnormally acting wildlife relocated. and before anyone starts in, I live by the forest, my house is not forest property and I have as much right to my habitat as any non human animal does. 

Yeah, it sucks but if people ruin a bear by feeding it, it might NEED to be euthanized to preserve public safety. The answer is to crack down on idiots that feed them, fine them and maybe even give them jail time.

I've attached a picture of what a bear did to my car Christmas morning while my daughter and I stood by helpless and watched from my kitchen. I did not have full coverage insurance so the damage was NOT paid for. Also, 3 days ago, a bear broke into my shed yet again, ripped my washing machine from the wall and I am not sure it can be fixed. So whomever is on favor of relocation, try living with the results and have it continually cost you thousands of dollars in damage to your property. I don't like the idea of euthanizing problem bears but the alternative is putting other humans, who had nothing to do with it and their property at risk.. 

My earlier post did not allow the picture so here is the news article about what happened to my car.

Your to nice to humans! You gotta die!

-.- seriously??
I went on holiday to whistler in Canada and they do the same thing their , the guy who looks after the wild bears told me that they have to do it other wise the bears will hurt someone ,by going in their house or if someone try's to pet them.i am completely against the mistreatment of animals but in this case the humans are to blame not for killing the animal but, instead for making the bear become over friendly... (it is humans who cause this , by taking close up photos with bears and feeding them).
i personally believe that bear hunting season is a fat worse problem in Canada , as people can freely shoot the bears for.trophys or to eat. Where as the story above is about protecting the bears and us. Hunting season is purely human gain.


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