I've just started going Vegan I struggle to tell people. I've been Vegetarian for years and people find that alot more exceptable.

But if the topic comes up in convosation and I say I'm Vegan I have alot of people telling me how stupid I am etc.

I try to explain that I do it for the animals but it seems that no matter what I say about it they look down on me, like I have a disease, I really hate it. I know I shouldn't let it bother me but sometimes it really upsets me.

If this happens to you how do you over come it? 

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I find people react very differently when they hear vegan and plant-based diet. They let me be when I tell them that I am eating a plant-based diet, but as soon as I say I am a vegan then people suddenly need to explain why it isn't the best choice. I take it that it's more about the words' connotations than anything else.


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