One of the things that bugs me the most is when friends introduce me as a vegetarian.  "Hey this is Sam.  She's a vegetarian."  More often than not this new person responds with a weird face and and "Oh." I don't want the first thing someone think about me to be "Great.  This carrot cruncher is going to lecture me and steal my hamburger."  Fantastic.  I just met you and you already think I'm a lunatic.  I prefer to tell people in my own time.  They can get to know me and know that I'm a normal (ish) person and then find out I'm a vegetarian.  It's less of a shock and I feel more comfortable answering questions.  I've had people say things like "Really?  You're a vegetarian?  You don't seem like one."  when I get to tell them in my own time.  There's a pretty harsh vegetarian stereotype.  I don't like being shoved in that box. Does anyone else have problems with this?  Or is this just a me thing?

If there's already a thread like this, I apologize.  Didn't see it.

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I feel the same way. I would never introduce a friend by saying "this is my friend Jody, she's a carnivore". I also don't want to be put on the spot to answer a dozen questions to a person I don't even know yet.

Every vegetarian and vegans are being stereotypicalised and such. We face this problem daily and are so every often mocked at. I too, hate it when people do that, acting like we're aliens and interrogating's as if they suddenly became a nutritionist expert and starts to ask questions and judge us. Wish society wouldn't be like that and learn to be more mature and respectful about peoples choices.

This past weekend I was at a friends house and her aunt went on a rant about how everyone loves bacon.  "Only crazy people don't like bacon!"  (My friend actually HATES bacon but loves just about all other types of meat).  I told her I didn't like bacon and that I was a vegetarian.  Her eyes looked like they were going to pop out of her head.  " do you do about protein?"  I explained to her that I ate lots of beans and nuts and she was still a little confused, but was polite.  Two minutes later she asked if I wanted to try the beef and bean dish she was making (innocently).  I reminded her I did not eat meat.  "Oh!  Right!  Beef is meat.  Sorry."  Their whole family puts meat in EVERYTHING.  This friend is also the one who introduces me as a vegetarian the most often.  Likely because it is so strange for her and her family to not have meat.

It happens every now and again for me as well. When someone reacts by asking set-up-for-mockery questions is the only time I get upset.

My friends actually feeel pretty good about it....

My friends don't have a problem with me being a vegetarian.  They just feel the need to tell everyone about it right away.  It's some of the people I've been introduced to that have a problem.  I'd really just rather tell people in my own time.

Daaamn, that's odd. I've never been introduced as vegan outside of context, like if I'm at a BBQ sure... That must be super annoying...

I have experienced times like that, it is really irritating, it shows a lack of understanding from others. I often get the "you look very healthy for a vegan" kind of response!

The worst experience i've had of this was when I was at a Festival in Croatia with my cousin. I was ill (just ill, not induced by anything) at the end of one evening and he decided to help me get back to our villa. To try and get a taxi quicker (or thats the reasoning that seemed to be going through his head) he was telling everyone in the queue "my cousin is ill, she's a vegan." as if that was the reason I was ill!!! I was devastated about that and even more so as he's a vegetarian himself! I could not believe it! Just wow!

Oh man... I've heard that one Radi! I always ask what they mean by me looking healthy for a vegan. They need to be worried about their own health with all the animal products they eat, shit...

Sorry to hear about that bad experience though, that was pretty ignorant of him.

I know! Its crazy! Someone once told me that i was as pale as i am because i'm vegan, i replied that actually its my natural skin tone as i'm blonde and fair skined! Silly people!

As for my cousin, he is very ego driven and I didnt take it too personally, i was more taken back by the fact that he is THAT ignorant!

Viva la vegan revolution! Hehe! x

Lmao, I guess that someone forgot that not all white people tan. I'm Portuguese-Italian and I don't hardly tan at all, my fam is from the mountains: Alps and Pyrenees (Spanish and French too hehe).

Bleh, fekken egos always messing shit up lol.

i'm a vegan and people also say that i'm a vegetarian cause few people around here even know about veganism, let alone being one.


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