One of the things that bugs me the most is when friends introduce me as a vegetarian.  "Hey this is Sam.  She's a vegetarian."  More often than not this new person responds with a weird face and and "Oh." I don't want the first thing someone think about me to be "Great.  This carrot cruncher is going to lecture me and steal my hamburger."  Fantastic.  I just met you and you already think I'm a lunatic.  I prefer to tell people in my own time.  They can get to know me and know that I'm a normal (ish) person and then find out I'm a vegetarian.  It's less of a shock and I feel more comfortable answering questions.  I've had people say things like "Really?  You're a vegetarian?  You don't seem like one."  when I get to tell them in my own time.  There's a pretty harsh vegetarian stereotype.  I don't like being shoved in that box. Does anyone else have problems with this?  Or is this just a me thing?

If there's already a thread like this, I apologize.  Didn't see it.

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I was in a shop the co op  fav place, a    couple asked me if i was that vegan women everyone talks  about   they had never seen a real life one i found it funny.


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