i am disabled live with my parents i have eplepsey and i am bipolar as of today it is my fourth day being vegetarian i feel so much better already i would really like to become vegan but sence i have limited income i don't know if i can sence  the cost of vegan food is so high here my parents are not againest me or with me being vegetarian but they refuse to buy me vegan food but buy me frozzen/caned veggies so i don't complain least i am saving amimals i hope one day they may become vegetarian with me i don't preach to them or nothing i just pray through me they may get curious i was just wondering is there anyone else in the same boat as me?

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Welcome, CJ! 

I care for my elderly mother, and I'm also the only vegan in the house. When I went vegetarian years ago, I noticed that I felt better. I needed an hour less sleep per day than I needed before.

It's tough to be vegetarian when others don't support your choices. Hang in there, and do the best you can with what you have. By being an example, I've gotten several friends to go vegan, too. You're right not to preach. Just live as close as you can to your values.



tysm for your encourging words David i'm striving to live a vegetarian life and hopefully a vegan life one day

Try things like dried beans, lentils, peanut butter, whole wheat breads plus the veggies. These things are not expensive. if you try to get only premade vegan foods, its going to be really expensive but if you learn to cook your own its not so bad :) I don't know where you are but here in FL, US I can get a pound of dried beans for around $1 and canned beans for around 60 cents apiece. It takes a little effort to figure stuff out to do it in a way that's affordable but it can be done :)

i am in SC and tysm for the advice i been buying caned veggies never thought about dried beans

They're dirt cheap here in FL and a godsend for my daughter and myself. They are a great source of protein, iron, magnesium and other minerals. Greens are also very good (kale, turnip, mustard, collards, etc). They are some of the most nutrient dense foods you can buy. A good starting point I think, is to google the gbombs diet as some of the foods are not terribly expensive, are very nutrient dense and are not all that expensive and all are vegan. Prolly a lot better than just canned veggies too! :)

I may not be in the same boot as u, but i do respect u Keadle. Being disabled and still fighting the cause with being a veggie is very admirable. I take u live in the US? Maybe u can order vegan/vegetarian food through the net? It should be possible.

A tip, the best soya products in my opinion comes from Taiwan (veggiemaster/soyes). Their 'veggie-meat' is delicious.
Another tip is indian food, yes i said it, Indian food. When made proper, u get high quality amino-acids though their 'dahl' (legumes soup) and 'pancake' (roti or chapati)/rice. Within the Dahl u can put onion, tomato, paprika etc. for ur vegetable intake. Also supplementing with Alge products like Chlorella and Spirulina may also help to get u more energy!


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