This is one argument I get from meat-eaters ALL the time. They tell me that even though I don't eat meat it doesn't make a difference to the animals because they are still getting killed and eaten by billions of other people. My argument is that by not eating it we are not contributing to the pain and suffering or the industries who produce the products. What are your thoughts on this?

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Exactly what you said we are no longer contributing. We arent PAYING people to kill animals for needless reasons. Its true that billions of people will still be eating meat but the changes have to start somewhere. Maybe in 100 years it will only be a million other people still eating meat. Thats what i tell people anyway the more people that swear off meat eventually there will be less demand for it so less will need to be produced. And if vegetarians and vegans raise their kids the same way thats even less demand from the new generation.

I HOPE that in 100 years or so there will be more veggies than meat-eaters! I have full intentions of raising my kids without meat. Thanks for the feedback :)

Yeah I get this all the time too, As you said though, I just say that i'm not contributing to the industries so if that saves even 1 animal from being killed then i'm happy x

I feel the same way. Even one animals life is worth it :)

It took one person...a German named  shinder?  To save the millions of jews that he saved from the holocaust, which in turn had children.  Can you imagine what one vegan or vegetarian could do for animals? 

Schindler. :) Yea you are right.

oh I agree! I think we can make a huge difference! I'm just tired of people thinking veg's are some kind of freak because we are AGAINST animals pain. The logic of it is really twisted. 

I get that, too. "They are already dead so why not eat it?" Or "They are going to be killed, regardless. You not eating it isn't going to make a difference."

It's not about that! I became vegetarian because the idea of an animal replused me. It actually made me sick. I don't want my money to go to the people who kill for food.

Who knows? Maybe one day there will be less call for meat because of all the veggie people. Maybe the more people that become veggie, the less animals will be raised for slaughter.

This is the whole, "I don't vote because one little vote doesn't make a difference..." philosophy.

The more and more vegetarians/vegans there are, the less demand - and therefore the supply shall go down.

And HOPEFULLY the government steps up and tries to help in the fight.

Oh I just LOVE this argument, haha! Then two seconds later they'll tell you how because of us evil veggies and our quinoa, we are destroying the world. Hmm thought we weren't making a difference? Meat-consumption in my country is down, and vegetarianism has risen 12% last time I checked! Supply and demand, oh yea. Economical science dictates that if less people eat meat, less animals will be slaughtered. They are a business, first and foremost, not an unstoppable wheel of "nature". 

Absolutely! Many men take it as a threat to their masculinity. And many others just take it too much to heart. Just because we don't eat meat and you do doesn't mean we can't get along without one judging the other.

It's the "pay it forward" effect. I might not change everyone's mind, but inspiring just one person makes a big difference. You are doing the right thing.


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