give ur best n worst things bout being veg

my best:- saves animal lives n the fact that i have a higher metabollism rate than non veg ppl as their food takes longer 2 digest

worst:- being bugged by non veg ppl -___-

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The Best thing in being Vegetarian.

1. Your Health.

2. Saving hundreds of animals every year

3. Healthy Planet

4. You aren't a contributor to destruction of this mother earth and not a supporter of cruelty and is living a healthy, compassionate Life.

There is absolutely nothing worst being a vegetarian. Vegetarians being bugged by Meat-eaters (Mostly it may not happen as there are good number of people who respect the food habits of others and know the reasons behind them being vegetarians) is really something that continues only as long as you let them do. Prepare to show them the truth If required and answer them in a better way when being mocked. The only problem I am anticipating is when you go to places like china or any other nation where the so called humans feed on almost all life forms (often when they are still alive.. ewww) and thus vegetarians options have a very limited number of options.

Still, Remember onething that "we are eating to Live and aren't living to eat". so Taking away the Life of somebody just to satiate your tastebuds is No way a logic.

Best thing for me personally- beyond the ethical reasons- is losing weight :) Eating meat made me sick, plain and simple- it's nice to see my thyroid not making trouble for me anymore. SLEEP! Aside from the past couple days- I've finally been rid of my insomnia. Used to have weeks where I'd go with nothing but 5 hours of rest the entire time; now I sleep every night, and don't toss and turn. 

The worst thing- would just be that so many people give you grief over it, same as you. Sometimes, I feel excluded, when others get to share in an appetizer and they remind me purposefully that I can't have any. My brother asked me the other day when I was going to start eating meat again... I told him never... I thought that was understood? Sigh.

I agree.. Dealing with annoying (not all - some are really curious) omnivores is really baffling. Ans i don't think Going out somewhere to eat really is a problem as we have enough vegetarian options everywhere now except when you are alone in a group of meat eaters..

The best things are good food and improved health. I feel much more connected to my energetic body and freer inside the physical body... and knowing that I'm reducing my impact on others in the process.

The worst part is living in a world of madness - a world of holocaust. Meat eaters are generally apathetic and act like they don't know any better and have little care to the price paid. They do this 'play stupid' routine like it's fucking rocket science to figure out how to cook chickpeas, lentils, beans, and rice. Keep the subsidies rolling - we need more value meals. It makes me sick that any time I've even used a colorful metaphor with a meat-eater (to place perspective on what they are contributing to) they literally act like I'm going to come to their house and chop them up into little bits. Or they just make a game of it and claim I said as much to get people to think I'm a psycho. I wish the nightmare of mass atrocities would end.


  1. People trying  vege food at a restaurant
  2. Being Ampapamorphic
  3. Healthy diet
  4. Being quietly smug
  5. Reducing chances of me getting cancers


  1. People trying my vege food at a restaurant
  2. Being aware of the scientific fact that animals have feelings
  3. Standing out in social groups
  4. Being unable to stop animal killing to feed greedy meat eaters
Hahaha I agree with your numer ones, it is a good feeling but it's MY food!

Best: I feel an immense connection to all living creatures, great and small, and burst with pride that I am living a life that brings them no harm. I only wish my fellow humans could find that in themselves.

Worst: Nothing, Abso-f'ing-llutely nothing. :)


best would have to be the elevated consciousness. worst would be being part of a minority, meaning, most restaurants aren't exactly out to cater to our specific needs

Best: I have a clear conscience :)

Worst: Festivities that have fixed meals included.

Best: To some extent I allow animals their right.

Worst: I am forced to respect the non-vegetarians as they are part of society as well.


- less violence

- healthier

- cleaner planet


- dealing with ignorance

- having to still cook meat for family/ friends

- taking multivitamins

The best is that i do not feel guilty anymore about my food
The worst is that here in greece is unbelievable to become vegan and when people hear about it they get really angry and i have to deal with it everyday


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