Suppose a lactating vegan lady decides to set aside a portion of her milk (without prejudice to the nutritional requirements of her baby). Does she deserve instant vilification by her community? Does her sanity come into question? Or do we all just stand back and shrug our shoulders because we have no right to be cheesed off? 

But, seriously, on the business side, cheese from human milk has "niche" written all over it. 

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Not sure how to respond to this lol. You mean she is not allowing her baby to be fully fed? In that case, yes that's wrong- but if her baby is being fed alright then what she does with her own milk is her own business. Though make cheese from it? A human being has no need for milk outside of infancy, I think the consumption of cow's milk or human's milk beyond that point is pointless. But again, her own body.

Which should be the norm.
And those mothers deserve the emulation of all the others.

Breast milk is supposed to feed the baby... But if I have some extra, I would do with it whatever I decide. Who wants to judge I have one thing to say f*** off.

And in case they're hard of hearing, I'll repeat after you, summa cum louder!


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