Dear Friend, I have a little problem, about 1 x 1,5 cm of my knee bone deterioration for the last 2 month.My daily food now is morning-evening is same =2/3 vegetable with rice,everyday I drink mineral water. I did not eat chicken,pork for 1,5 year, I try to be vege, anything wrong with my food? pls share krub

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I actually heard that some bottled water use a process which leaches out any naturalness from them making them more like distilled water. And I heard that such water can leach vitamins from our bones.

Its just what heard anyhow. I am not sure or anything.

hi Jason,

friction with apple cider vinegar (best the cloudy one, made from ripe apples), friction with t-tree oil, friction with olive oil, sure not all need to find out, but 3 or 4 times a day anyway, above all once before you go to bed....use raw olive oil in your food, like over your salad, eat California almonds or the fresh thick ones at all as they contain plenty of calcium, cut out meat or you hit nothing or almost nothing in the end, drink lots of water and herbal teas, teas made from herbs, like stinging nettles and dill both in big quantities, best dry and don´t forget green tea...and by the way, boil your herbs for 20 minutes or even half an hour to extract the minerals and get at them, boil unlike widely thought or else you don´t get the minerals out of them can use the same water a second time, the first one being still strong enough, so just add maybe a teaspoonful of green tea, because it may be a bit thin after having been boiled in all 3 to 4 litres, as to water, 1 litre suffises, all spread over the day...don´t expect the result tomorrow, but include all these things in your diet and make it a habit, while you may soon see an improvement thanks to apple cider vinegar and green tea which both contain a lot of calcium that bones need before any thing else, (green tea: gun powder in leaves, not the powder in the small bags) and above all to olive oil which goes for a ride within the body searching for calcium to bring it to the bones...

shortly to water and liquid at all:

in fact no matter the food we eat, it contains enough minerals; only, we don´t absorb more than one third of what we need of them because we don´t drink enough liquid that´s a hauler and that conveys minerals there where they´re needed, indeed if we eat all day, it´s because we lack minerals while they´re contained in the food we eat or ate then, but go unsung (unseen, not used), during the next daily morning session...

may sound not quite convincing because I write in the gossip style, but you can take it, the information is profound and reliable, all from books written by doctors in the holistic medicine...

please take my advice and do this without ifs and buts, Jason and again, don´t expect the result to show up tomorrow even though...
(bones can reshape and get back where they once were, no matter the age !...think of calcium, preferably not in form of tablets, which sure help, but don´t remove things unlike natural remedies that take longer, but do or can remove ailments for good )....good luck !

let me add this, Jason,

don´t sweeten your tea  with sugar but with honey, while you don´t even need to sweeten your tea if it is not too strong e.g. through green tea which makes the whole bitter if too much of it, so, there just a teaspoonful per liter of water as to green tea...and try avoiding sweet things sweetened with sugar such as cakes...also drink of apple cider vinegar, 2 or three spoonfuls that you add to a large glass of cold water and gulp, gulp, because the stuff doesn´t exactly taste like cake...not too much though as you may not like it any more that´s it..

did you see a bone specialist?

Hi Fruitfly, Mongi

Thank you very much to put effort and typing time help human. Yes i did see bone specialist and doctor said  that can not be re shape again, actually i dont like go to hospital and doctor, and of course I dont believe thats why  I seek for help  in this forumn. Dear Mongi, I live in thailand and not much knowledge about herbs, I only know ginger cut and dried to perfectly then boil use for warm the body imune. please do share with more about herbs krub....thank you in advance. now I start eat salad with olive oil

Jason, I am guessing it's the bone part you are referring to in your question. Some things you can do to increase your calcium absorption, which I am assuming is what you are looking for to allow the body to recover:

o Make sure that you eat something high in Vitamin C (like durian, pineapple, tangerine, etc.) when you take items that contains high in calcium, as Vitamin C will help your body in absorbing calcium. So you can have durian as dessert and have green curry with tofu and rice and sprinkle a generous amount of black sesame seeds on top as your meal.

o Add sesame seeds/ powder/ or sauce into your meals as sesame, especially black sesame are very rich in calcium. I'm sure you can incorporate it in with the Thai cooking. ;) Others contains good calcium are tofu, leafy green vegetables, white beans, etc.

o If you are taking calcium supplements, be sure that you will take a Magnesium supplement. For the optimum absorption make sure the ratio between calcium and magnesium is 2:1. So if your calcium supplement contains 20mg of calcium then take at least 10mg of magnesium.

o If you are taking calcium supplement, try and take calcium citrate supplements, which is the easiest to be absorbed by the body. You should see calcium citrate on the ingredient list of the supplement. Try to take the ones where calcium citrate is the only calcium form in the supplement. (<- Some manufacturer might mix them.)

o Don't forget to soak in sunshine for around 15 minutes per day to get your daily Vitamin D. No suntan lotion during your sunshine soaking and no mid-day suntanning either.

Good luck in getting well soon! =)


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