Hello Everyone,

I need a little bit of help from my veggie friends. I am currently a vegetarian hoping to become a vegan in the future. However, I have recently come across a problem with my diet. It is really lacking variety at the moment and I am eating the same (unhealthy) foods because I am either A. too lazy to do all the food prep or B. I don't know how to make some things taste good. My diet is making me miss meat because if you add some meat to anything it instantly adds flavour. I will never eat meat again but you know what I am trying to say...

Can anyone please offer me advice on how to spice up my veggie diet?


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I make a lot of soups with different ingredients like sweet potatoes, lentils, beans and whatever veggies I have. You can mix it up by just changing what ingredients you throw in the pot. 

I do a lot of prep work right when I get home from the grocery store. That way, my veggies are ready to throw into a healthy, simple recipe. 

I also try to think of a traditional dish and make a healthy veganized version for inspiration.

Are you on Facebook?  There are MANY vegan groups on that site.  You can score recipe ideas from there.  I am always trying new recipes.  I love to cook. Much more now that I am vegan then when I was vegetarian.  As a matter of fact if you are on FB then send me a friend request. (Arianne McBride)  I would be happy to invite you to my favorite groups. 

vegan tacos are so easy.  add taco spice mix with a splash of water to  textured soy protein.  (I prefer frozen over dried) and 1 can of black beans (rinsed). heat.  toast taco shells.  chop lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, avocado.  assemble taco.  dinner is ready in 10 minutes.  easy

Being vegan and being lazy to cook are not compatible. If you want to eat delicious vegan dishes, you need to cook it yourself because you won't find it already made anywhere. On the internet just google "vegan recipes" and you will find thousands of it. Also, buy a nice vegan cook book, there are so many with great and delicious recipes.
Well said, Cristina!
Agreed 100%
Mikki, when you start craving meat...eat something else rich in protein. It helps, I promise!
Eat avocado, beans or nuts. Or eat something with soy or peanut butter.
Also, look into a brand called Gardein. They have delicious vegan "chicken" and "beef" tips that are easy to add to recipes. Even Wal-Mart has started carrying vegan lunchmeats and veggie dogs!
Just do your research :)

My favorite thing to do is make a huge pot of stew or chili or something similar to that and then divide up the leftovers and pop them in the freezer for when I'm feeling lazy.  It does take a little while to prepare a lot of times but its usually just dumping a bunch of stuff in the pot and waiting so its not difficult really.

If your on pinterest I have an entire board dedicated to vegetarian/vegan recipes http://www.pinterest.com/piekenbrock3/vegetarian-vegan-recipes/ .  

I would also suggest going to the library to check out some vegetarian cookbooks or magazines, I like VegetarianTimes magaizine, they have a lot of yummy recipes.  I also follow this blog (that I'm sure many have probably already heard of) called Chocolate Covered Katie.  She is vegan and although her blog is mainly dedicated to desserts, she has quite a few good meal recipes too. 

Mikki, I get inspiration from recipes online and elsewhere. I make a game of making them 100% vegan. The mindful way is to REALLY live in each moment, observing your every movement, contemplating and being grateful for each herb, spice, vegetable that goes into the dish. Acknowledge every person who had anything at all to do with each ingredient. From the farmer who planted, watered, weeded, and tended it, the field worker who harvested it, the person who put it in crates, the truck driver who http://alatvianrita.blogspot.com/2013/11/first-encounter-with-ralir... hauled it across the miles to get to your supermarket, the back room store person who put it on the grocery shelf or refrigerator, the cashier who rang it up, the bagger who placed it in a bag for you. Acknowledge your own hands as you lovingly wash, chop, grate, sauté, stir, and plate the food. Observe yourself taking each forkful, opening your mouth, tasting, chewing, swallowing, enjoying. Breathe. Repeat. You will learn by observing what, if anything, the dish needs. Our taste buds will learn to love the amazing flavors inherent in each whole, natural good, without the heavily salted, sugared extras. Namaste. Peace. Hugs. You are not alone. We all struggle.

I've had the complete opposite experience LOL.  I was only vegetarian for a few weeks before I realized how pointless it was to cut out meat while still eating so much cheese (which is concentrated and probably worse than meat).  Since going vegan, I spent, again, maybe only a few weeks trying to make SAD diet dishes vegan and eating soy products before that got old too.  Then the WORLD opened up!  I had to start cooking everything from scratch, so if you are unwilling to do that, your diet probably will be boring, but I have had so much more variety in my diet than I ever did on SAD!  Try ethnic recipes, many, like Asian and Indian, either are vegan or can easily be made vegan.  Find recipe sites and books, there are TONS!  I have cut out many more bad foods besides animal products...wheat, soy, excess salt, oil, and other things that bother me and there's still plenty of recipes out there!  There's specialty vegan sites and books (gluten free, soy free, low fat, simple and quick, complicated, gourmet)...there's really no excuse to say your diet is boring!  I can literally have something completely different every night for dinner for months without having to repeat a recipe (unless I want to).

Becky, that's an excellent response. I love preparing food and enjoy every aspect of it. I enjoy being creative and almost never have the same meal twice! Just for fun I watch YouTube for ideas on what other people do with certain veggies. I like to try new ones all the time for the variety of different nutrients and flavors. I went straight vegan without transitioning through ovo-lacto. No problem!!! Namaste

I have the same problem. I get bored. I work a lot and have two dogs. Nor do I have a lot of time to cook. I also do not care much for processed fake meats, tofu or seitan. Aside from this, most of the recipes make way to much food for one. Struggling along and feeling a bit like a vegtard.  


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