BRAZILIAN ACTIVISTS ARE said to have stormed a laboratory in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo and freed some 200 Beagle dogs used for drug testing.

Most of the animals had their skins shaven and one was found dead, frozen in liquid nitrogen and with signs of mutilation, according to reports carried by websites of the dailies Folha de Sao Paulo and O Estado de Sao Paulo.

Rat fetuses were also found during the operation which occurred at the Royal Institute lab located in Sao Roque, 60 kilometres from Sao Paulo. Police made no arrests.

The lab was not available for comment.

Giulana Stefanini, one of the animal rights protesters who took part in the action, was quoted as saying that one of the beagles “was found with no eyes.”

Ahead of their action, the activists went to police to complain of alleged mistreatment of animals at the lab, but they said no action was taken.

The lab cancelled a meeting with the protesters at the last minute and described the invasion as “an act of terrorism,” insisting that its activities are monitored by Brazil’s Health Surveillance Agency, according to O Estado.

Animal testing for scientific research is legal in Brazil and is regulated in line with international norms.

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So they did something about it!!!!!!  That is soooooo good to hear.

great, great , great , one step closer to redefining the true meaning of humanity :) 
why dont they close the other ones too then? 

First of all, without animal testing, beagles in this case, many human diseases would have no cure or treatment. Beagles were essential to test insulin, which is now used to save THOUSANDS of diabetics around the world.

Second, when they raided the lab they only cared for the "cute" animals such as dogs and rabbits. Rats, however, were left behind. This mentality of selfishness affects all of us causing us to decide what to care for and what not to.

Lastly, when they raided the lab, illegally i might add, they destroyed over 10 years of research.

Good job, and great work supporting these actions.

Nope. You are wrong. They went back, twenty days later and rescued all the rats.
So, no. This was not about "cute" animals. ( )

If you look on how many treatments tested in animals that actually end up in the pharmacies, you'll see that's is just a ridiculous small number (around 2%, but I have to search for the source again later, when I have more time).
I'd say that is pure luck. Any one that study a little bit of statistics knows that 2% is awfully too little to take into account it to be a "good method" in finding out if a medicine is good or not.
Furthermore, the royal institute was testing COSMETICS. I don't think we need anymore cosmetics, let alone make animals suffer so we can have another eye shadow color.  

In addition to that, we really need to look in a more ethical way: So, human lives are far more valuable than sentient animals? Well, Nazis though that jews lives were worthless, and tested on them. Maybe, if there were more jews to test on, or if they had more time,  we could have a lot of interesting scientific advances.There is no way more accurate than testing in our own species!
But, is that ethical? Hum, I hope everyone agrees that NO. It is NOT.

And if you really think, our cell functioning is THAAAT similar to other animals that it could justify testing on them, next time you feel sick, just go to a Veterinarian. Or maybe you should attend a class of Cell Biology and see how things work waaay different in other animals. You should look into Citochrome P146, if I am not mistaken, which catalyzes some drugs in a innocuous way in humans, but it may be deadly in other animals. And there is nothing that stops the opposite from happening (being harmless to rats, and deadly to humans).

Miss Schlichta's inside-out grasp of the whole issue leaves quite an impression. The young lady's got a head on her shoulders, all right. 

that is b.s. human diseases are cause by what you eat, it either fights a diseases or feeds it. save thousands of diabetics? what about the thousands of animals that died over that process? it seems like we as a human race on this planet are sacrificing smaller life forces to save others seems barbaric and not very evolutionary.

illegaly? just because a couple a people, a gate, or a paper says i cant do what i want for a better purpose to help some one who would never be able to repay me back is not holding me back and will not hold me back from doing that. you want to talk about illegaly how about not telling the FUCKING TRUTH that should be illegal how there is a cure for cancer and all other diseases you just don't hear about it because they wont tell you there trying to slowly kill us and bring every beautiful thing around us down to the ground with us but its not going to happen because i know there is more people like me all around the world.

Some of these people are just pretending that they know what there doing but don't and some just under programs.

im glad they did that and i would of done it with them proudly again if i could. and i care about rats!(:

The institute's registration never allowed it to work as a laboratory. It was a kennel. So all these allegations from this false laboratory that Bruno only did copy and paste here proved to be a big fraud and, the worst, with public money. They never did any research from diseases, so nothing have been destroyed. This fraudulent Institute is now under public investigation.

Why is humanity so cruel ? :(


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