I personally believe animals have emotions. They feel happy, and they can feel sad too.

I used to see cows and goats cried before they were being slaughtered during the Eid al-Adha festival in my country. It was one of the reason of why I intended to be a vegetarian. I can't stand seeing they are crying before they are slaughtered, and now I always try to avoid go out during the Eid al-Adha in my country. 

I believe they (cows and goats) understand/know that they will be slaughtered, that's why they cry. They do feel afraid. So please go vegetarian and save their lives. They are our sisters and brothers, they just have different physical/body.

Have you ever seen a cows or any others animals crying? Share please!

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I'm not sure if they cry physiologically, but they cry and wail when they're being mis treated.

I was raised on a farm in the mid-west and have seen the same thing.  Mother cows crying for their calves taken from themm.  Calves crying when taken from their moms.  Take a piglet from a mama sow and see the anger in her face.  Yes, animals have emotions.

Yes, of course they cry. Gary Yourofsky once said in a speech he gave that if we all agree that animals have a digestive system, and they can pee and defecate, they have jaws to chew, etc just like we do, then why then do we have such a hard time believing they also have a  nervous system and are capable of feeling emotions?

The answer to the question whether animals can cry is: of course. I have not only seen animals cry. I have heard their screams and seen them run to avoid the deadly pokes when they get slaughtered, run to save their lives. Anyone believing animals cannot suffer is an idiot.

Animals even feel your moods. I once cried all day because a puppy I was fostering was really sick and crying in pain for hours; and I had no choice but to put it down to put it out of its misery. I did not go to work that day and I cried for that puppy all day long. A kitten I was fostering stayed on my lap ALL day long to comfort me. And every time I got up to go to the bathroom, he waited for me to come back and get back on my lap. He knew I was sad.

I know we are only talking about animals that are raised for food, but I think it applies to all animals. 

Animals feel a lot. People are just too blind to see it.

That's well said Pandora. Ahhh I love Yourofsky! He tells it like it is- he's just like BAM, BAM, BAM with his facts. A truly great advocate for veganism. That we try and convince ourselves animals can't feel... I think that is just so sad. We want to reduce them to the likes of rocks; things without minds, or the capacity to bear children and LOVE! The way we try and tear them down- call them stupid, incapable of feelings, some say incapable of pain... it's just a way to feel better about themselves, to feel like they're not murdering anything, because they are "objects", not "beings". Sigh... very sad...

Yes, they do. I am so saddened to see all these responses too. I am yet to have a full understanding, but many times I can feel their emotions, pain and sadness. They ARE our brothers and sisters. There IS\ a great connection. It seems to be much more prominent with some people than others. It's not of my traditional faith to believe in re-incarnation, however, I don't completely doubt that it exists to some extent, but sometimes the only thing that makes sense is that I have lived as an animal before. At LEAST I know that I have a STRONG connection with them and full confidence that they have as much feeling and emotion as humans do. My gosh, we are a different species.....NOT a different life form!

Oh btw.....here's scientific proof!


I agree, they are our brothers and sisters.

Absolutely, it breaks my heart. 

Absolutely. :'[   Not a doubt in my mind. 

OFC that they are cry...My heart it's crying :(

I feel the same like you do, xiao kang.... N I agree with that they are our brother n sister in the different physical. Hope someday they can more wisely to celebrate "that" day by giving something more meaningfull for the others than slaugther animals.

:( That breaks my heart!! So sorry you had to hear that... must have been incredibly upsetting.


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