I personally believe animals have emotions. They feel happy, and they can feel sad too.

I used to see cows and goats cried before they were being slaughtered during the Eid al-Adha festival in my country. It was one of the reason of why I intended to be a vegetarian. I can't stand seeing they are crying before they are slaughtered, and now I always try to avoid go out during the Eid al-Adha in my country. 

I believe they (cows and goats) understand/know that they will be slaughtered, that's why they cry. They do feel afraid. So please go vegetarian and save their lives. They are our sisters and brothers, they just have different physical/body.

Have you ever seen a cows or any others animals crying? Share please!

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Yes once when I was engaged to a farmer. He owned more than 60 pigs - they had a good life - they could live on meadows and were able to run around where they wanted.One day he decided to slaughter a pig that had umbilical hernia - never heard an animal crying that way. She knew that she was on her last way I'm sure. One day he wanted that I kill hens - that day I decided to leave him - was not my way of life

yes..once we realize the pain of killing ..VEGAN is the only way

I agree with you, animals have feelings. I have 3 dogs and I notice their feelings, if they are happy, upset, jealous, tired, 'not in the mood', 'pay me attention'. They have feelings, they have a heart, they have a brain, they just dont talk our language. Even when I was little I had a duck, and she showed feelings too, same as a person or  my doggies. I do not eat animals because they have feelings, they dont belong to humans, we share the Earth. I haven't seen them cry (I knew they could) and I don't want to see them cry.

yes..cows cry of pain..I hvae cows in my farm and we can easily identify if cows feel uncomfortable..

also it protect us from bad evils as they signals with tears.. my experience..



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