Can I eat my own hen's eggs? I am vegan and  I consider having my own pet hen and I am not sure whether it is ok to eat her eggs. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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I think it would be fine because it's cruelty free. Just make sure there's a good space for her. Keeping chickens in living space makes you and her vulnerable for disease. Good luck :)
If u have time space and love for her go for it but get 2 they need company :3 my family has 5 they just started laying but i don't know yet if i will eat the eggs. :)
That's ridiculous.
How could you eat eggs if you are a vegan, even if its your hen.
I think it's ok. But you will not be a vegan any more. I have my own hens and I eat their eggs. I understand if some of you are against it, but if she only have a hen and no cock, the hen will lay on its eggs because it thinks that there are chickens inside, but there isn't so the hen will become malnourished.
Hope you could use the answer.

Hen's egg = Hen's Period.. 

I don't think there's a problem as there's no life in it will be different story  if there's embryo in the eggs.

It's a hard situation to place a right answer on, honestly. First of all your hen isn't being tortured so that's good. The egg does not have *life* in it. If it had an actual embryo in it as someone else mentioned that would be a problem. It's one of those gray areas. Just like some people are pro life and pro choice.

HOWEVER the hen has no say in the matter. you do not know what the hen wants to do with her eggs. really , the hen laid her eggs and she should be left to her own devices. It's not right to take the eggs away from her for food if you are really caring for the animal and letting her live freely. 

Yes she is not being tortured, but her eggs and her potential chicks are being taken from her and since an animal cannot give consent to this matter? it can be seen as very wrong.

I think that's giving the bird too much credit. If you have a dog or a cat and their nail chips off or fur falls on the floor, do you think it's wrong to clean it up and put it in the garbage? When a puppy loses a tooth? Do you ask the animals what to do when they lose a part of their body? Because we are so used to condemning eggs because of factory farms I think it's leading us down a trail that is a bit farfetched....What does the chicken want to do with it? She may just leave it to rot, smelling up the yard, attracting wild animals, getting herself killed by raccoons or coyotes who are attracted to the egg. I see absolutely no problem with eating an egg from a pet chicken. If everyone changed to this method, we would put factory farms out of business. The more we limit people and tell them not to make better choices, the worse we leave animals.

The difference is that an egg holds a potential life, fur or a claw or a tooth doesn't. 

We see that animals do love and care for their babies which is why it's such a controversial sort of question. Now if the chicken had laid her eggs and didn't seem to care to take care of them that would be different.


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