Basically I cant cook and I live in a house of meat eater so therefore, normally just get frozen meals whilst they cook meat meals. Can anyone suggest some easy, starting recipes? 

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Why don't you make something simple like tofu wok with some sauce you like, or pita with a lot of vegetables or maybe pasta with a tomato sauce and tofu? :) All of them are super simple, doesn't take a lot of time, and are veery good! :D

What is tofu? 

Ill look into it. Thanks allot for your reply Emma :)

what country are you in?  do you really not know what tofu is?  I thought these days it is as common as water, but maybe I am wrong?

Great advice :) Tofu is very simple to cook. Literally just drain and fry (or however you choose). And as you said, cooks quick and can taste however you want it to.

just cook exactly what you are cooking that is frozen. I mean if you are cooking with froen spinach and carrots, then cook real spinach and carrots. as far as recipes are concerned...just cook with some salt and pepper and some italian spice. I mean start simple and more ideas will come later.

The frozen food is like baked ready made things which I dont enjoy. I dont mind them but i want something nicer for my taste buds :( 

What Emma moe said is good.just try to cook it.

I will do, thanks for the reply

I agree, Emma gave really good advice ^-^ Tofu is nommy and simple. What I do is stir fry greens, though I'm now going raw soooo... ;)

I didn't use to be able to cook either :) I can follow recipes pretty well but was bad in general. It's something you get better at. In fact I didn't develop a love of cooking until I decided to go vegan, and then I got really into it. I like what Emma said, it was good practical advice, and a good arsenal of easy recipes can help you a lot. 

Building off what Emma said, I would suggest tofu scramble. I lived off it in my transition, helped me become the veggie I am today ;D


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