Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinoa?

Someone shared this article on FB. Personally, I never liked quinoa due to its taste. What do people here  think about this article?

PS: Of course, PETA did a follow up on this article but I didn't find it convincing

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Interesting article. Though I feel that without animal farms there would probably be far more land to grow these crops in every country and without further deforestation.

I'm also not sure why exactly these are not grown in other places

Quinoa evolved to cope with the extremes in temperature present in the highlands of Peru and Bolivia; that adaption might make it less viable as a crop in other climates. However, I know that amaranth has been grown sucessfully in the UK and I'm pretty sure that quinoa has as well. Hell, people have grown rice on a small scale in the UK.

There may be some valid points in the article but, I have to say, it's one of the worst articles I've ever read on the Guardian website in terms of bias, lack of referencing and selective use of facts and figures.

If you check out some of the author's other articles you can see she makes a habit out of bashing vegetarians and vegans.

it's definitely intended to bash vegans/vegetarians (which is pretty obvious from the title itself). But, yeah, like you said there are some valid points too

Quinoa is a super grain, along with Amaranth, and also Chia seeds which are cultivated in the same region.

As noted in a facebook post(maybe the same one) by Gary Francione, it is ludicrous to think that our tiny community of vegans even on a global scope is at fault here for the deprivation of resources in Peru.

A better assumption might be that once again the industrial profit driven corporate model has unleashed it's machinery on a market place driven more by Madison Ave (advertising/marketing) fad crazed marketeers than by the genuine cravings of us few nutritarians who come to these products through study, and a search for replacements to other food products such as wheat and rice.

I'll be having my Quinoa with mushrooms. Here's to your health !

^^ Yes yes

I think what the article asks if would vegans (who usually consider themselves compassionate) would show compassion and stop consuming quinoa or will they still consume despite knowing the ground realities.

Whether one contributes by a small amount or by a big amount, they still contribute to the overall situation.

(This is somewhat akin to some meat eaters saying they are not the ones killing the animals. Someone does and they just buy the meat.)

Agreed, I mean my hope would be that they continue to share this with the world and perhaps it could help industry in these regions. Further, if there is a need I would imagine that there could be a solution which would help to create more of this product to fill the demand..

Well there's of course the obvious problem that "quinoa" is not a vegan food- it's for everyone. Also the article is incredibly slanted, trying to blame vegans for economics and trade; whenever the US or any developed country wants a product, we import it from a country where it then becomes a "luxury" item. This happens with fish (try traveling to the poor Pacific Islands where fish is the majority of a villager's food, and families are starving because we pillage the oceans and leave no fish for them, just imported mess), beef, anything. The problem is consumerism and the fact everyday people are being discouraged by the government (especially in the United States) to not have their own gardens. Companies do not want us to be self-sustainable, that takes money away from them.

I agree quinoa is for everyone, but I've normally seen quinoa based dish only in vegan restaurants and also seen many vegans go "gaga" over quinoa. 

After all the animals meat eaters consume, the species that have gone extinct because of companies that build over their habitats and make stupid decisions to 'cull' a species, the factory farms that use land on which we could grow food and the food that they feed to the animals that they mass produce which could feed people in poverty, I don't think they really have the right to make an accusation like that. 


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