How come more people don't use the chatroom here? There always seems to be quite a few people online but only ever one or two people talking which is a shame because I think the chatroom is a great way of making friends. Maybe I'm just not on at the right times...

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yes! i agree!

I used to use it when I first got on here but I had a run in or two with some jerks and I called it quits for that just because I wasn't going to waist my time being ganged on what was supposed to be an open and supportive site. So I just do the discussions and blogs :)

I've noticed the content within the chat room is usually.... lacking, lol. 

its all about the timing and who is on chat

well we are sure to keep the chat alive with more participants, you can't expect it to be moving by doing nothing! and we will be sure to be nice and courteous to all :)

one good way to make good chats happen is look for people online who  you have already had contact with through blogs or forums.  If you message these persons to chat, they may because they would recognize you.

most people who seem to have left chat have left because as Amber says, they had a bad experience.  I sort of don't chat any more because I am tired of people who act like chat bosses without any authority to do so.

its all about the timing and who is on chat

i've always had a pleasant time in chat these past days i've been here and i've had a lot of fun

its all about the timing and who is on chat

The chatroom busyness comes and goes in waves i've noticed.  And it seems to depend on who's online as well.

sigh. I do. terribly. come back Mohit...

Whenever Ive been on, the people have been friendly and I think Ive made a couple of friends. Ive met some great people online in the past and I think chatrooms are a great way to share humour and knowledge and opinions. But you do only get out what you put in I think saying that the content is lacking is a bit harsh given that there isnt much talking going on in the first place. Im intrigued by this Mohit guy, Ill look him up


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