So I call myself a vegetarian because I don't eat meat or dairy, but I own a leather coat from my dad and I eat honey, things like that.  But four holidays every year, and one or two other days in between, I take a "cheat" day: Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Easter, and Fourth of July.  These are days that my family has big dinners, and the traditional foods that they make usually include some kind of dairy and/or animal meat.  I could easily bring my own food, but the truth is, I don't want to.  I want to be able to eat the same things I ate when I was a kid, and enjoy the same things my family is enjoying.  Just for those days (or meals really) I let myself eat whatever meat or dairy I want (usually still in small amounts though because too much will make me sick).  

I have a vegetarian friend who rarely drinks, but on rare nights he drinks too much, his drunk food is chicken wings.  He says it only happens ten or so nights a year, including New Years Eve usually.

Does anyone else allow themselves cheat days?  I know for those who are vegetarian for religious or ethical reasons, this may seem like a completely horrible or hypocritical thing to do.  In my opinion, it isn't.  But I'm really interested to hear what other people think.  

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I think it all depends on your motivation for being Vegetarian. If you're doing it for compassionate reasons, you may want to rethink cheating. Holidays are the worst days of the year for animals. These are actually days people should boycott animal products and bi-product consumption. 

I'm sentimental too and holidays are really hard but life is an ever changing cycle and every day is a new opportunity to make new memories so bring your most delicious vegetarian dishes, not because their vegetarian but because they're delicious. Maybe you'll even sway others into your way of thinking with your delicious food. :) 

I think its good you dont eat meat 

but think you should pack the bad habits. You wouldn't go all year without committing crime then once a year go fuck it and go mugging and stealing and expect a community of police to be ok with that.

Silly question 

Well sorry but I just wanted to say, that it remains me of the movie "The Purge" - they get one day at year to do what ever they want... Like stealing and things like that. Haha

Hey Man.  I'll some this up for yall real real fast.   Even the Pope sins.  Nuff said right there!


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