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Interesting! thanks for sharing

I found "Hitler was a vegetarian…" really funny (and to an extant awkward). The blogger argues he wasn't. But even he was, so what? Just because one bad person may have been a vegetarian, that proves nothing I guess. just my thoughts though 

^^ My thoughts exactly. So what if he was? It's so petty... and to use the suffering of other people, by a monster, to try and attack a peaceful diet... oooh the irony is too much! 

Haha, true. There's certainly no proof that Hitler was what he was because of his diet (assuming that he may have been vegetarian). 

Exactly. By that logic, omg, Hitler was a man! So men, stop being men because it'll cause you to commit genocide... *Shakes head* If Hitler was a verified meat-eater I wouldn't be like, "A-HA!! I KNEW IT! See what eating meat does to you????" It feels ridiculous just typing that, I pity the people who believe it!

I agree !

Awesome :) Thanks for sharing xo

you are very welcome <3


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